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  1. Name: P$ychWard Comment: Thanks for making us views, white trash
  2. Name : P$ychWard Comment: They just keep coming Name: P$ychWard Comment: You know it, hit me up for that feature
  3. Kids from the suburbs saying their life is shitty They can't do jack shit but flex on the internet that they got the glizzy They do weed in they momma's crib, thinking they gangsta listening to Eazy Stay in your houses and keep acting like bangers, I swear y'all just sleazy Real niggas out there dying from hunger or getting killed by beef Niggas forced to rob or kill because that's the rule in these streets You either get associated with the fit or drop dead with the weak Find your boundaries, nigga, or die trying to go past it I'm only seventeen but damn my mind got old I've seen shit that no kid should've been through I would give anything for my memories to be gone though I would love to live my childhood like a normal dude My desires are strong But my will is lost I'd rather stop trying Than crying at how my soul's off I live in the real world not in an imaginary sphere My mind is gone and my soul ain't here I want a chance to change my ways to live In conclusion, y'all fakes should fuck outta here
  4. Name: P$ychWard Comment: Fire. y'all niggas stop hatin cuz you can't do better lol
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