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  1. Name: TequilaVato Comment: cold tequila shots coming right up
  2. Name: Jeff Comment: Good read, you have my vote!
  3. Dick's sounds best studio
  4. Winner, you will be emailed shortly the contact details, auction has now ended, L&A.
  5. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2008 Vehicle brand: BMW Vehicle make: E92 M3 VIN: Revealed to the winner. Mileage: ----- Description: Nice E92 M3, selling it due to the lack of vehicle slots. Fast acceleration, good handling around corners, tops at 220KM/H. The car sits on a pair of BC Racing coilovers, Toyo R888R tires all around. Any questions about the car, you can go ahead and email me. ((IC and OOC Comments are disabled, thanks.)) Images Starting bid: 17,000 Minimum increase: 1,000 Buyout: 21,000 Auction end date: 6/21/2019 Contact details: ((Forum PM))
  6. Cookin


    Nice logo, best of luck.
  7. Name: salty citizen Comment: cars already cheap for what it is jeez, the amount of low ballers nowadays.
  8. Name: random citizen Comment: your bid was placed after the auction end date passed, therefore it's invalid.
  9. good service, and keep exposing the scammers!
  10. Name: Random Citizen Comment: oh god, is it gonna reach mountain chiliad levels again?
  11. Name: Jeff Comment: Picture number 3 would be the garage.
  12. i see car organization i like, level 101 ricer me is
  13. Name: Not a chance OwO Bid: 2000 Item: Anime helmet
  14. Name: OwO Bid: Starting Item: Anime helmet
  15. looks good, good luck.
  16. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Bentley Vehicle make: Bentayga W12 Activity Edition VIN: Revealed to the winner. Mileage: 2XXXX Description: Good SUV, AWD it goes fast, tops out at 230KM/H. Images Starting bid: 100,000 Minimum increase: 2,500 Buyout: 120,000 Auction end date: 5/15/2019 Contact details: ((Forum PM))
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