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  1. name: ricer comment: could you tell me what engine it is right now and is it auto
  2. Name: paki Comment: nuclear what? I'll trap myself in c4s and do jihad at stacks
  3. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1973 Vehicle brand: Renault Vehicle make: R-12 Variant VIN: Revealed to the winner. Mileage: 86881 Description: the car is one of a kind it goes like 140km/h and it's really good at 2 wheeling. Images Starting bid: 1000 Minimum increase: 500 Buyout: 5830 Auction end date: 7/14/2019 Contact details: ((Forum PM))
  4. man owl dead cause people are having vacation in hawaii
  5. tbh owl went downhill since christmas and we've been blaming it on "holidays" and "exams" since then
  6. max players on flood event was 60, what you say about that
  7. hey krighton i miss you man when you unbanned anyway yea exam's are over and i agree with Norm, that's the current state of owlgaming, max players we can have nowadays is 50
  9. enjoyed reading it, good luck
  10. Name: TequilaVato Comment: cold tequila shots coming right up
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