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  1. Name: bankrupt Bid: Offering $70,000 As a starting bid.
  2. Name: rando Comment: read the auction's desc
  3. Username:Jeff Ticket number (1-25):21
  4. according to old owner it's SR20, and i forgot to state that it's right hand drive, might have something to do with the fact its the jap vers, dont know much about this stuff, you could figure it out
  5. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1993 Vehicle brand: Nissan Vehicle make: 180SX RS13 VIN: Revealed to the winner. Mileage: 8XXXX Description: SR20 or CA18, dont know, anyway, good drift build, was gonna build it but shit happens Images Starting bid: 12,000 Minimum increase: 1,000 Buyout: 18,000 Auction end date: 3/12/2019 Contact details: Email ((Cookin Forum PM))
  6. Name: imbroke Bid: Offering $10,000 as a starting bid @Kibby
  7. *Only winner would see this message* Congrats, you won the auction, call me at 505598 to receive your car.
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