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  1. @Maikeyy2 Always bro.
  2. Mysra

    The Market Crew

    No luck needed ^^.
  3. In every end, there is also a beginning.
  4. Xavier Harrison walks into the court room as he would take a seat at the defendant's booth, awaiting a public defender. "Your honor, I plea not guilty.''
  5. Love it so far, keep going.
  6. I would NEVER wish death on NOBODY cause there ain't no coming back from THAT.
  7. Goodluck and take it far.✋
  8. I don't have the rights to comment on that thread because of Mogs' but lemme tell you that what you did is 'PROVOKING', They asked you why you parking over here but you kept acting like 'If it's illegal to park here just call 911'. You could've skipped that sentence and just tell us that you're waiting someone but you kept on provoking the gang members and even being arrogant to them. It looks sketchy for our characters and I was on top of the house and I saw you trying to ram Tasheka and everyone around just witnessed that.
  9. Anytime.
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