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  1. Viacuresa

    GAT Update - November 9th, 2018

    My beloved ones: @Mogs (dont stop until ur with the blo tag hah )@WickJeffe @Unitts @Vubstersmurf congrats people
  2. What a coincidence, happy birthday!

  3. Viacuresa

    Other - 6x Misc Jewelries [ENDS: 7NOV2018]

    name: Allen. bid: 3,000 USD
  4. Viacuresa

    [General] - Immigration Status Script

    I could've sworn that you are genius.
  5. Viacuresa

    [Miscellaneous] - Vending-system

    No from me since they can just passive it & /charity the amount.
  6. Viacuresa

    [Vehicles] - Old turning lights system.

    Could you add the poll, please? @Razvanjmen So we can see the percentage of whom agreed and whose disagreed.
  7. Viacuresa

    Anyone plays LoL?

    Dota is good game tho.
  8. Yes of course. Fundamentally, they will describe their cars tints brightness/darkness thru' /ed. Moving on, they may or may not will RP it specified detailed. So I presume suggestion'd be cool if they pursue along. I don't see any disadvantages so I'll assist it proudly. Thanks! I appreciated the made [email protected]
  9. Viacuresa

    [Vehicles] - /ame's for windows.

  10. Viacuresa

    Grupa Baltija

    You don't need the good luck sentence. Don't neglect it! We've been expecting you!
  11. Viacuresa


    name; Y comment: Ha ha
  12. Viacuresa

    [礫岩] [Z] Zaibatsu Corporation [Z]

    Nigga, you can't RP for shit, step on his toe once again and I'll send you back to egypt they kno nuffin, rite you know, you dont need that good luck word
  13. O-man, always wanted to be the first.





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