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  1. DeluxeVegan

    Grupa Baltija

    You don't need the good luck sentence. Don't neglect it! We've been expecting you!
  2. DeluxeVegan

    [礫岩] [Z] Zaibatsu Corporation [Z]

    Nigga, you can't RP for shit, step on his toe once again and I'll send you back to egypt they kno nuffin, rite you know, you dont need that good luck word
  3. DeluxeVegan

    Help me out here

    Perhaps the postulate of babylonian inspired your mind. I presume the lad has clarified it plainly to you.
  4. YEAH DO NOT YELL, #eagertojoinit🤣
  5. DeluxeVegan

    R-R perms

    Requiring the Red Rose forum section perms thanksgiving @Maikeyy2 @Maikeyy2 @Maikeyy2 can confirm
  6. Name: Leandra. Bid: fifteen thousands USD.
  7. DeluxeVegan

    [Items] - Reduce the price of wallpapers

    Hunky dory, I literally liked the idea. About the prices, according on what I've seen on (https://www.wallpapersales.co.uk/) they should reduce it due to its price being ordinary for some economies of scales. I certainly will assist it. +1 once again, thank you for the made efforts. @Colonel
  8. Alright, firstly, I'd love to proclaim that the suggestion is effective in several ways. secondly, Well, I've noticed something that the playerbase abided by certain languages with no reasoning. Which we can say it's ridiculously unproffesional in representing the role-play. but to reflect it'd develop their character/organizations marvelously. However, I presume it's easy for the scripters to add it in but of course after providing the proof that the language is either official or on ancient foundations that it's still exists. I've no idea about why the people encountered some problems on it, or in other meaning they doesn't like it. In conclusion, I'd assist it proudly. +1

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