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  1. Wagujai

    The Collective

    Good Luck! 🙌 we're all counting on you
  2. Hell yeah, that's what we were looking for
  3. IC Applicant information Full Name: Delbert Mason Date of Birth: 15 August 1985 Gender (Optional): Male Your Home Address: Carson St Contact Number: 828-001 Desired Job Role: Crew Member Why do you want to work for us? (50 words or more): I wanted to be in the pizza stacks for a long time ago, but the conditions were not available and the application form was closed. When I was young I always loved to eat pizza with my friends and I was wondering how they do it and how they cook and prepare for it, but some times I do not speak English fully, but intermittently being as Somali accent. But I am good at serving people because I worked a while in Somalia in a restaurant but unfortunately it was removed by the government. Have you ever been convicted of a felony? (if Yes, Explain why): No I'm a pacifist. ... I've never been introduced to felonies. OOC information Forum Username: Wagujai In-game Username: Wagujai Screenshot of /history: https://imgur.com/7L9EKe8 Signature to confirm that all information provided within this form is legitimate and truthful:
  4. We hope that it become just like a owl server with the large number of players, because most MTA players their computers are weak.
  5. the jihad bombs are coming..
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