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  1. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- Markus321 Character Name- Markus Heinseberg Date of Incident- 09/10/2018 Supervising Administrator- Rose Cantarella Narrative- So, Markus Heinseberg was about to do a MVA with another guy, which was discovered being a PD one. Markus was trying to assasinate him with a knife, but failed as the officer starting shooting him to death. I RP'ed being dead because everyone would be, but I didn't wanted to disregard my life; I was just a new player to OwlGaming RP, I just want another
  2. Then I guess that everyone could be O.K. into adding back this feature, but only on modern cars, and, if you want, you could permanently toggle it (and re-get it back, if you want) via some command, or something, or F10.
  3. Just make this toggleable, and those who doesn't want it just toggle it.
  4. Then make it for newer-brand vehicles, I don't guess it would be too hard. And @EDR, as I said, if someone gets annoyed by it, just disable it via F10 or turn your stereo off. It will simply increase the server's realism & professionality, that's it.
  5. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Seatbelt sound effects What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicles What is the suggestion?- Practicely, once you get in any vehicle (except the bikes, obviously), turn on the engine, & don't have the seatbelt on, you will hear a sound effect (the normal ones we hear everytime in cars once we have the seatbelt unbuckled) until you get it on (buckled). Though, it can be deactivated (like in the real life, but just not by this button) via F10. What are the advantages?- More real
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