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  1. /look james *sees that i have a picture of gregory house as my picture* patrick "that's it ur getting cked"
  2. Infact I was in a crash today, I called up the Police and FD, LSPD/ST didn't respond, only EMS did and we had some amazing medical roleplay.
  3. I am sick and I am tired of people who crash their cars at ridiculous rates of speed and think they can get off scott free with little to no injuries just because they are wearing a seatbelt. I think the administration team should enforce a rule that even if you DO have a seatbelt on you should roleplay injuries to some extent, such as a punctured lung, broken ribs or whiplash. It's such an immersion destroyer to have someone crash into you at 150 mph only to do /me flies forward, being stopped by their seatbelt. and then shouting "SORRY" out the window, only to drive off....
  4. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2009 Vehicle brand: Jaguar Vehicle make: XKR VIN: 18195 Mileage: 2581 Description: Stock Jaguar XKR, need to sell it. Good cheap sports car for car enthusiast, Top speed 116 MPH. Images Starting bid: 20,000 Minimum increase: 1,000 Buyout: 29,000 Auction end date: 10/9/18 Contact details: 420441 - James
  5. To be honest, this whole GTA V thing is completely un-necessary in my opinion and ruins the fun of RP completely. Sure it will bring in a younger, new audience, but is that REALLY a good thing? Do we really want underaged players and new people running around on a server? What is wrong with the MTA server? Nothing? In my opinion and from experience RP on GTA V feels very wrong, and too modern. The animations just do not fit well to a roleplay server and the physics engine is designed for continuous action, not the pause/start nature of Roleplay. I really think the development time invested in this would be better spent on developing the MTA server.
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