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    1. TheNeonGuy


      Le best times! 🤤

  2. I am a bi-gender, gay, bisexual, jewish, muslim man from the U.S.A. I work in Wal-Mart and make $4 and hour. I am currently living in a single apartment with 27 other Gay, Muslim Jewish Bi-Genders. I like the color red ❤️ and I enjoy reading Anime and watching Manga. Thank you for reading and I hope to talk with someone soon, we can meet and maybe go on date. xoxo - Jhared Shmaheirk
    I also like of play EXS BOCKS on game call 'LEGOLAND DS' One day I also hope to detonate myself, and spread my FABULOUS 😍  body peices everywhere ❤️  while taking out DISGUSTING 🤢 NON-BELIEVERS 🙅‍♀️  I hope to give my body to ALLAH by letting fellow gay-muslim-jews spray his seed allover my remains 😍 😘  

    1. WickJeffe


      this is very nice Jada 😍👍

      you are doing the very good stuff 🤩😗

    2. Serx


      haha men

  3. Favorites: @Chaos @QueenC @Script @Vubstersmurf Secondary Favorites: @Portside @EvilScotsman Honorable Mentions: @DrJoseEviI
  4. VeX

    get cho ass back on this server right now young man

  5. VeX

    premium hub access

    @ItsMelodyy did i just get mugged by an owl gaming admin?
  6. VeX

    premium hub access

    @ItsMelodyy Also if you could help me with setting up my radio station ❤️
  7. VeX

    premium hub access

    @ItsMelodyy That's not what I meant.. I mean it does not say anything about the cost.
  8. VeX

    premium hub access

    @ItsMelodyy Doesn't say anything about that.
  9. VeX

    premium hub access

  10. VeX

    LMFAO should have added you to the book of dead popos anyway cus u got CKed either way LMFAO

    1. VeX


      im fucking dead-ass

    2. Lartsa


      hes gonna qq his way out of this too

    3. George


      Where yo admin go though? 🤔

  11. VeX


    1. VeX


      shh its ok I still love u @Chaos 😘💜

    2. VeX


      but just stop removing good features like dynamic lighting and i wont be so angry :c I don't like being angry at you ❤️

    3. EDR


      shut it ugly

  12. i got a ciggy anging out mi mouf


    1. Portside


      Aboiii. Tiocfaidth ar la me ole friend 

    2. VeX


      Tiocfaidh ár lá!

  14. VeX

    its my fookin academy day for mi cadet shit down at the lspd today so wish me look i'm fookin shitting it m8.

  15. Plus, it's not as if you need a good performance for RP anyway, it isn't exactly the most intense thing in the world unless you're in a shootout or whatever..
  16. All of these results are fine and playable.
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