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    fucking UAT orite m8

    1. zac


      ha ha !! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 1!!!!!!1111!!

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    ((Special thanks to @Theory for some footage in this episode.))
  3. VeX


    AIR DATE: 15/11/18 Bad boys, watcha gonna do? This series features police officers, constables and sheriff's deputies patrolling streets for car thieves, drug pushers, sex-trade workers, violent thugs and anyone else who dares step onto the wrong side of the law. There's no music, no scripted dialogue, no narration -- just sometimes gritty videos of cops in action during patrols and other police activities around Los Santos. ((The following is an IC television series. OOC comments are restricted to personal PMs only.)) ((Any sensitive info shown here is NOT to be used without your characters knowledge, doing so will result in being punished by administration.))
  4. VeX

    ❤️ ya chaos

    1. VeX


      not until a thousand moons and wasps fly up mi arsehole

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    3. VeX


      @MrsChaos i love him more than you do :( 

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    how is your occupation going saving lil critters from the horrible Forrest fires of CA going?

  6. Personally I don't see an issue with this.
  7. I say we just merge all factions into PD that way we'll actually have active firefighters, but also firefighters who can arrest you yes all factions every single faction including the illegal ones yes even CPQL yes
  8. @Daniels For the love of all things holy please make it so it automatically capitalizes the first word of your sentences.
  9. VeX

    Chaos my bestie ❤️ How are you doing? :3

    1. Chaos


      I'm doing okay mate thanks for askin

    2. VeX


      When is the next script update coming? :)

  10. Aslong as people RP what they write, and it's within good reason I think they should be allowed to spray it.
  11. Just noting that there is already a built in feature in the script provided which will allow admins to directly trace whoever did the Graffiti and punish them, aswell as erase everything they have done in the last 24 hours. You can also /gban I suppose. There is also a feature which allows admins to /gadmin to directly delete any graffiti they see. Players can /gclean to remove graffiti they have sprayed. Tested on LegacyRP with absolutely no performance impact at all. They're only projection textures and are low in KB.
  12. Happy Birthday bestie! :D

  13. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Graffiti System What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General Script What is the suggestion?- Allow players to draw on walls instead of placing notes, this way it's more immersive for people RPing as gangs, ect. I have seen this done on other RP servers and I think it looked really stunning and immersive and I would love to see it on OwlGaming. This feature would obviously have to be restricted to prevent abuse. I propose that graffiti is locked behind something which admins can give to players. For example: James Watson requests graffiti permission to draw onto someone elses house. They have a spraycan and a clean admin record. They are given the graffiti with /givegraffiti. They can then use the /graffiti command until they f10 or log off. What are the advantages?- - More immersive for everyone on the server - No more having to press ALT to read notes for gang tags or otherwise things written on the wall - Can be USED for things like POSTERS ect, removing all the note spam from walls, ect. - Actual visual item instead of just text! - Allows players to be more creative! What are the disadvantages?- I suppose it could be abused or could make performance issues? Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=14785 Same script used by Legacy RP, only they edited it. I suggest Owl do the same, as it is a great script with has features built in already for admins to use. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Just add it. Here are some screenshots I took while I was admin at my time at Legacy Roleplay.
  14. where is my free merc?

  15. VeX

    wonald wagen

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      Le best times! 🤤

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