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  1. VeX

    wait hang on right arnt you Wayne Smith of Wayne Smith's fishing emporium

    1. zac


      suck a fart out of my arse with a maccies straw :wanker:

    2. VeX


      now thats not very nice

  2. VeX

    Bank Loans

    No fun Theory at it again
  3. VeX


  4. VeX

    yay its christmas you know what that means?


    1. people not rping snow correctly and consequently getting banned for it.

    2. people complaining about the  the price of snow tires

    3. people complaining about the fact that there is notwhere to by snow-tires.

    4. people claiming they didnt know that snow tires existed/snow in general was a thing

    5. high impact, instant death CK MVAs

    6. people freezing to death in the street like the germans in stalingrad

    1. QueenC


      Yeah, but then again @VeX regardless of the time and what we do there’s always going to be people who complains.🤔 


      Just have fun yourself and you’ll be alright. 👏🏻🤓

    1. JayZawack


      MLG memes in late 2018 now Im really sure youre autistic



      god i watched it again and thats fucking cringe

      LOOL what the fuck is that, remixed minecraft videos jfc dude

    2. VeX


      straight outta 2013

    3. VeX
  5. VeX

    fucking appy birthday m8

  6. VeX

    if you come to the UK i will give you a free escort through buckingham palace and assign you your own butler who will tend to you every needs sir

  7. VeX

    i selled my weif for po ii rank

  8. VeX

    i drew u 2 together becoz u r is very lookings cute together and i think it really nice RS80LmT.png

    1. Chaos


      Thanks mate gunna put it up on my wall

    2. VeX
  9. VeX

    so whats happening then are you breaking your back scripting gta v or are you just working on mta or both while trying to balance life and a videogame server but at the same time having an existential crisis?

    1. VeX


      coz ma mate tried to do that and he got rite ill and he said he was off his fookin tits for days like

    2. Chaos


      yep that's me slaving away



  10. VeX


  11. PLEASE DON'T GO ;'(

  12. ((I sold the car to a private bidder.))
  13. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2019 Vehicle brand: CHEVROLET Vehicle make: CAMARO LT VIN: 20464 Mileage: 4 Description: Great little sports car, goes quite fast and is very reliable. Image Starting bid: 25,000 Minimum increase: 5,000 Buyout: 40,000 Auction end date: 20/11/2018 Contact details: Will be given to winner
  14. VeX

    orite our dave how u doing

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