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  1. I agree the suggestion isn't perfect, but it's just food for thought. For all those saying it'd make the game more 'rpg' like -g iven the current server playerbase would these 'RPG' like elements really be a bad thing? I mean GTA World has similar things and it has alot of players on daily, and the RP there, is detailed and fun. I don't see why OwlGaming can't adapt and still maintain a high quality of RP? I'm not saying turn the server into SKYRIM or some light roleplay FiveM shit, but these light RPG elements would make the server more popular for newer players, as to make sure they don't get bored when they first join.

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  2. 1 hour ago, JohnM said:

    The reason that scripted jobs are created aren't to make a living off of. Scripted jobs are there for players to get a head start and make easy money, so they are able to continuously develop their characters. Making illegal NPC jobs would basically remove the whole purpose of roleplaying and illegal factions, as players would be able to just join and make "a lot" of money from just going to an NPC (not to mention the rate it will be abused when no police are on). 


    If you want to get into drug trafficking, create a faction. FT and the virtual market are there to help. If you want to rob a store, you can simply just rob a store and have an admin there to play as the NPC. However, having illegally scripted job NPC's removes a lot of the RP aspect and leans it more toward RPG.

    I disagree, people who want to develop their characters as criminals, this would be a good (more realistic) way to start off their characters, without them having to go get a job as a bus driver, ect which wouldn't make sense for an Eastern European Illegal Immigrant to be driving a bus, would it? And by 'A LoT' of money I mean more than the legal jobs pay. This feature would work if it was restricted in its use. And I very much doubt that this feature would make the game more like an RPG. My suggestion can be changed or adapted differently. Maybe illegal factions will give out the jobs, who knows? All i'm suggesting is something more immersive for those illegal roleplayers who are just starting out, and perhaps don't want to associate with any factions. Think Lone-Wolf type.

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  3. Suggestion: Illegal Scripted Jobs

    Explanation: Like the regular scripted jobs, I think we should have some illegal ones to do, ones that play alot of money, higher than the regular scripted jobs, but you could be arrested if caught doing them by Law Enforcement. Not only that, but these jobs would only be available if a certain number of police officers were online, and perhaps you could only do a certain number in a set time-frame.


    I've had a few ideas for these types of jobs - for example;


    - Drug Trafficking for an NPC crime organization (You're given a package and asked to take it somewhere on the map for a reward, upon arrival you have to wait 2 minutes in which police are notified about 'suspcious activity' in a set search region around the marker, then they'd have to 'Search' that area to try find you.

    - Robbery (NPC crime Orgiization sends you to a store on the map for you to steal from, you'd have to RP holding it up ect and have to wait while the clerk empties the register - meanwhile police are notified ect)
    These are just two ideas, but i'm sure you could think of some better ones.    

    - Hood Ornament Theft - You go around to cars and do a command and you're put in an animation and have to wait a few seconds while a /ame is shown about your head about the action's your taking to remove car hood ornaments. You can do this to several vehicles then send them to a factory or something to be melted down or sold. Each ornament generates a specific amount of money depending on the class of car it is taken from. Some vehicles like bikes ect wouldn't have them.

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  4. I think that a good set of active teleplay activities needs to be made available.  Regular events should be organised by a team of people to make playing the server more interesting for everyone. For example, on LS:RP they had those disaster events once every few years which were really fun to see how the map changed and the new challenges your character faced due to the change of environment. 

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  5. What would be the name of the script(s)?-

    Respawn Timer

    What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?-

    What is the suggestion?-
    To add an ability to have a option to press a button to be able to respawn so you don't respawn at the hospital instantly

    What are the advantages?-
    Lets people RP injuries, and be revived by medics, or an admin in the event of DM.


    What are the disadvantages?-

    Isn't any.

    Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?-
    How would you go about implementing this idea?-
    Just add it in, it's a basic feature

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