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  1. VeX

    Free Steam Games

    Only I get to have christmas this year
  2. VeX

    Happy Holidays! ❤️ 

  3. VeX

    Los Santos

    Why not have two main areas of RP, city and county?
  4. I'd love to share my pornography!
  5. Name: Clyde Comment: A smashing victory! I never doubted you!
  6. Username: Brucecunt Comment: Fucking hell cunt that's mad shit that is mate, i'm tellin yer
  7. Username: Clyde Comment: Only a true patriot's party like the Republican Party will ensure that people without arms, legs, necks, faces, fingers, or any other appendage will get the benefits and support they need in order to live a happy life! This party will cut your benefits and throw you in a ditch!
  8. sername: Clyde Comment: If you are a true American patriot, you will not support this political party. This will do more harm than good to our community, and only add to our list of growing issues.
  9. VeX

    is that kevin spacehead

    1. Sarge


      This is the best actor the world has ever seen.

  10. who thought sliders were a good idea *grumble* @Daniels
  11. https://gyazo.com/afadada0948ec85f4724f955161a5099
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