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  1. "What did your mother look like" Now that's not very FUCKING NICE is it?
  2. So happy to have simped a nigga like you at my time on OwlGaming! I'll always remember that time you blew my fucking 'ed off behind afghanistacks ❤️ 

  3. I think that a good set of active teleplay activities needs to be made available. Regular events should be organised by a team of people to make playing the server more interesting for everyone. For example, on LS:RP they had those disaster events once every few years which were really fun to see how the map changed and the new challenges your character faced due to the change of environment.
  4. VeX

    So happy to have made a great friend like you at my time on OwlGaming MTA! Hope to roleplay with you in the future on OwlV!

    1. Stretch


      Ma'am may I please DM you please madam? If anything I'll be the one in the kitchen haha

    2. VeX


      bruh she's taken what's wrong with being friendly to someone? :( 

  5. Wow, it's been a fun ride! Here's to all the years of fun, and here is to years more of the new generation!
  6. VeX

    Free Steam Games

    Only I get to have christmas this year
  7. VeX

    Happy Holidays! ❤️ 

  8. VeX

    Los Santos

    Why not have two main areas of RP, city and county?
  9. I'd love to share my pornography!
  10. Name: Clyde Comment: A smashing victory! I never doubted you!
  11. Username: Brucecunt Comment: Fucking hell cunt that's mad shit that is mate, i'm tellin yer
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