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  1. Maybe a mix of scripts and moderated RP is the way forward? Perhaps the like on other servers you can make a /breakin request for an admin to come moderate a house breakin. Maybe we could do the same for vehicles?
  2. That's a good idea, to relieve the load on administrators during high player counts, I think that RP shouldn't rely on admins all the time, and scripted jobs helps to accomplish that. If your car got broken into via a script, you'd go about it as you would ICly.
  3. Adding a few low-end criminal jobs isn't going to blow your mob-boss italian RP out the water is it?
  4. VeX

    Show yourself!

    Just got back from Argentina. Who's ready for the new Total War game?
  5. what that makes no sense, you can still RP with scripts, it's not gonna change the quality of your RP.
  6. Say why, just don't say 'FUCK NO'
  7. I agree the suggestion isn't perfect, but it's just food for thought. For all those saying it'd make the game more 'rpg' like -g iven the current server playerbase would these 'RPG' like elements really be a bad thing? I mean GTA World has similar things and it has alot of players on daily, and the RP there, is detailed and fun. I don't see why OwlGaming can't adapt and still maintain a high quality of RP? I'm not saying turn the server into SKYRIM or some light roleplay FiveM shit, but these light RPG elements would make the server more popular for newer players, as to make sure they don't ge
  8. I disagree, people who want to develop their characters as criminals, this would be a good (more realistic) way to start off their characters, without them having to go get a job as a bus driver, ect which wouldn't make sense for an Eastern European Illegal Immigrant to be driving a bus, would it? And by 'A LoT' of money I mean more than the legal jobs pay. This feature would work if it was restricted in its use. And I very much doubt that this feature would make the game more like an RPG. My suggestion can be changed or adapted differently. Maybe illegal factions will give out the jobs, who k
  9. Suggestion: Illegal Scripted Jobs Explanation: Like the regular scripted jobs, I think we should have some illegal ones to do, ones that play alot of money, higher than the regular scripted jobs, but you could be arrested if caught doing them by Law Enforcement. Not only that, but these jobs would only be available if a certain number of police officers were online, and perhaps you could only do a certain number in a set time-frame. I've had a few ideas for these types of jobs - for example; - Drug Trafficking for an NPC crime organization (You're given a package a
  10. Microwave Pizzas full of Salmonella have never tasted better!
  11. "What did your mother look like" Now that's not very FUCKING NICE is it?
  12. So happy to have simped a nigga like you at my time on OwlGaming! I'll always remember that time you blew my fucking 'ed off behind afghanistacks ❤️ 

  13. I think that a good set of active teleplay activities needs to be made available. Regular events should be organised by a team of people to make playing the server more interesting for everyone. For example, on LS:RP they had those disaster events once every few years which were really fun to see how the map changed and the new challenges your character faced due to the change of environment.
  14. VeX

    So happy to have made a great friend like you at my time on OwlGaming MTA! Hope to roleplay with you in the future on OwlV!

    1. Stretch


      Ma'am may I please DM you please madam? If anything I'll be the one in the kitchen haha

    2. VeX


      bruh she's taken what's wrong with being friendly to someone? :( 

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