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  1. im retarded
  2. VeX

    mta script when

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    2. Chaos


      maybe its a blessing that the MTA script isnt out yet

    3. VeX


      I can already envision the "LEGACY ROLEPLAY" "ECLIPSE ROLEPLAY" "REDUX ROLEPLAY" servers after it's released with all the owl logos changed and nothing else added.



      On a side note - if you still want to assist the roleplay scene consider putting your talents and skills to use at LC-RP they've fostered a large community and are taking the fight directly to GTA:W - standing against monetization scandals and driving to provide a solid roleplay experience. Your skills would be greatly appreciated there. That is ofcourse - if you find yourselves with a change of mind about the startup of the new gaming community - whatever happens I wish you well! LC:RP - https://discord.gg/6HWBCasF

    4. Chaos


      Wish you well too Vex

  3. VeX

    Thank you for making the greatest roleplay community to ever exist, we are forever thankful. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are - I hope that you are happy.

  4. Well, we say goodbye to one of the best communities I've ever been apart of, thank you for everything Owl - I hope that one day you will return, back - better than ever. I will miss my time here, miss the friends I have made - miss the stories of my characters, but most of all I will miss the amazing staff team - those who gave so much - even in the dark days. Here's my chance to admit that I was actually ban evading this entire time and you never caught me - hahahah suckazzzz @QueenC @Vubstersmurf @Daniels @Chaos @Tazz @Snazzz @Lewis
  5. so all the things that i said should be added that y'all said were dumb and stupid - are in fact being added?
  6. Probably why they're not doing too well, chief. They're using "old leaked copies" of your script.
  7. I know this title is going to spark controversy - but i'm not here to talk down the server, or anything of the sort - i'm just making a statement based of evidence and observations. To me it appears - despite the overwhelming effort from the staff team that OwlV just simply isn't taking off, and I think that could be for a few reasons. My guess is due to competition. GTA World has by far the biggest player base of any RP server currently, and it shows no sign of slowing, or stopping - it has a fleshed out script that has been in development for a lot longer than Owls has. People have played there for a long time and have gained alot of traction, they have fully integrated RP worlds, with companies and assets and all kinds of shit. Why does this matter? Well for one thing - players aren't generally going to want to start afresh on a server, and I think one of the main reasons not alot of people came back from MTA is because if they were going to start fresh they'd rather do it on another community - and not have to do the exact same stuff they did on the previous community. I think OwlV should continue it's development - and if possible, re-open the MTA server, because MTA RP isn't dead, it can still be enjoyed. No one community can last for ever - and maybe this is time to call Owl quits? It's really not my call, but I can't imagine the server continuing with hosting costs for much longer :( Especially when the main server isn't pulling in too many folks.
  8. VeX

    Illegal Scripted Jobs

    Maybe a mix of scripts and moderated RP is the way forward? Perhaps the like on other servers you can make a /breakin request for an admin to come moderate a house breakin. Maybe we could do the same for vehicles?
  9. VeX

    Illegal Scripted Jobs

    That's a good idea, to relieve the load on administrators during high player counts, I think that RP shouldn't rely on admins all the time, and scripted jobs helps to accomplish that. If your car got broken into via a script, you'd go about it as you would ICly.
  10. VeX

    Illegal Scripted Jobs

    Adding a few low-end criminal jobs isn't going to blow your mob-boss italian RP out the water is it?
  11. VeX

    Show yourself!

    Just got back from Argentina. Who's ready for the new Total War game?
  12. VeX

    Illegal Scripted Jobs

    what that makes no sense, you can still RP with scripts, it's not gonna change the quality of your RP.
  13. VeX

    Illegal Scripted Jobs

    Say why, just don't say 'FUCK NO'
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