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  1. started mta in like 2011. pretty nutty to say the least. i spent majority of my time banned but still active on the forums then ban evading on them too all the way since like root and united. im 20 now im still banned and still act 11. script is a a wanker
  2. ok but did u update the playerbase
  3. fortnite creative battles would be good
  4. script not removed yet guess ill wait next month til i appeal
  5. hello id like a refund on EVERY gc i have EVER spended im outraged at this DRASTIC change that i NEVER even backed not once. can i get unbanned please
  6. roleplay in general has been cashed out and it isn't interesting. from the start of mta til the end every faction ever made has been the exact same street gang, or poorly designed yakuza ran by ig 20 year olds, irl 16. everybody is burnt out other than those that wont splash out £500 on low end pc to run gta 5 on lowest settings at 1080p, to join the other 12 people playing owlv. rp servers died in 17. move on and ragehack on cs and sell prime accounts.
  7. With that attitude, you're surely not getting unbanned.
  8. you shouldnt even have to explain yourself, if they didnt get it the first time they are level 3 retards.
  9. ooo sorry im sorry ohhhhhh dont hit me dont do it ahhhhhh mr money over ere ahhhh
  10. thats not a lot of money lol weirdest flex ever im not fucking stab me in the ed
  11. picture of frank morris one of the most famous escapees. nice.
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