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  1. ooo sorry im sorry ohhhhhh dont hit me dont do it ahhhhhh mr money over ere ahhhh
  2. thats not a lot of money lol weirdest flex ever im not fucking stab me in the ed
  3. picture of frank morris one of the most famous escapees. nice.
  4. ill play hunger games but im banned on teamspeak and discord how do i get information on when it is i would like to play hunger games is it duos or is it solos you have not provided a sufficient info list you IDIOT. fuck sake joseph your a right spanner you are you.
  5. play fortnite creative buold battles please ill smash all your fucking heads in puny little BOTS actual default skin noobs cant handle this. *takes out blueprints* *builds your mother with spunk on tits* idiots.
  6. who opened up the samp flood gates. never saw this shit when queenc and script had the player role.
  7. can i appeal yet mate

    1. Script


      no way : )

    2. fortnitejohnWick


      why its been like a month

  8. alright can this be lock and archived ive finished my homework for the summer holidays now cheers for answering the survey
  9. i cnt i dont think i dont come under the epic rules my past like 3 bans are for the same thing so wont happen
  10. you probably do considering that you still have me banned from the server you incel you deffo shag kids
  11. alright good to see most people are on green. the rest of yous are pedos
  12. green lid, blue or red or other me personally i drink the green 1 cos i havent had the others i dont think
  13. how long you gonna use this thread til you l&a it again? i quoted u by accidetn srry mate
  14. no you dont its very easy to bypass so stop chatting shit
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