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  1. tell me how u did it as well mate wont let me on either
  2. hi i have been summoned from the game master team i will show u about. press the big X button on ur tab and 180 ur away from this jewish admin team
  3. i get unbanned and alan jeff unck'd rises from the dead. zombie apocalypse then the willliame john crew take down the dead in charge of the pd.
  4. doesnt mention when Alan Jeff shot Thomas Mengele outside pizza stack during his grime videoshoot. disappointed. comin pub later btw
  5. damn i got banned again need this locking
  6. car related factions capital d colon
  7. what about some angry man hacks the bank and resets every1 money
  8. now thats what im talking about no phones and cameras? lspd gonna have a field day with the robberies
  9. only real mfs remember the toxic gas having to go to country side hiding tec9s with the national guard
  10. yeah its me hellsauce what up
  11. i play as dwayne webster please teach me i need rp school
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