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  1. subject to opinion powergame! mate this is absolute paul crudd im sorry but what. there is no winning in roleplay its purely just experience but fuck me your character is clearly for getting your way ooc.
  2. whys ya boy hovering must kill his thighs that
  3. stop responding to me i dont want to talk to u
  4. look at me i use windows movie maker to pan and zoom. move council boy
  5. hows this funny its just an over edited piece of shit. looking like some ceeday fortnite video or some n0ob3 dbd shite. hate people like you
  6. mog isn't a trollar anymore hes participating in the 30 million usd fortnite world cup qualifier to prove his mum n dad wrong
  7. there is no way to fix people being friends with each other, factions have been friend circles since the beginning of rp and will continue to do that. newer players/legal players that convert to illegal always struggle to join factions and create them cos they dont know anyone in that area. a thread can look nice but if you don't know if they are capable of running a faction, you aren't going to bother with it. we can start by banning people that are friends tho. ps unban callumjef
  8. damn this thread just full of shit bomb jokes. so gay i saw it about 5 times come up with ur own shit god damn it also queen c has a big chin
  9. queenc still not removed yet? neonguy gets added? thanks for selling it maxime you greedy gook
  10. just dont take the game that serious and go outside
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