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  1. fortniteblackKnight

    GAT Update - February 9, 2019

    queenc still not removed yet? neonguy gets added? thanks for selling it maxime you greedy gook
  2. fortniteblackKnight

    [Kidnapping Rules] - Revise

    just dont take the game that serious and go outside
  3. fortniteblackKnight

    [YouTube & WSHH] Fight Night

    *has ublock origin*
  4. fortniteblackKnight

    DrippWaves Hair Styling

    speak english you internet gangster. you are the type of person to jog down alleyways in the dark
  5. fortniteblackKnight

    [Script] Graffiti System

    dont know why every1 is complaining about trolling, just get the city hall job and remove the graffiti if you dont want to look at a dick on a wall you sad fuck
  6. fortniteblackKnight

    213 Hoodlums

    interesting location, need more factions located away from idlewood
  7. fortniteblackKnight

    [Worldstar] whiteboy gets knocked the fuck out

    username: zackhfromeccles comment: did u use an xbox controllers analogue sticks to change camera angle mong
  8. fortniteblackKnight

    515 Washington Block Piru

    sent my cv off hope to hear from u soon
  9. fortniteblackKnight

    Effect GFX Design Portfolio

    i wanna know if birds know they are being used as avatars for roleplaying forums
  10. fortniteblackKnight

    Tankyani Akhperutyun

    good luck. gona need it with my roleplaying skills i can kill people with text lines i am hard, do not cross paths with me dear lord so help u u will not like it hf
  11. fortniteblackKnight

    [Items] - Wearable Bandanas

    Not needed. An icon already specifies you are wearing one. Looks like shit. Doesn't get used enough for it to be implemented, massive waste of time.
  12. fortniteblackKnight

    [Robberies] - Rule Suggestion.

    she has my ban in her hands lol '19 admins btw
  13. fortniteblackKnight

    [Robberies] - Rule Suggestion.

    That's a problem with PD not recruiting people in different timezones though. Why should one give up the only fun thing on the server because a faction lacks something?
  14. fortniteblackKnight

    Developer Diary #8 - Major Milestone

    what about now
  15. still got a major bug im still banned heeeeeelp heeeelp

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