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  1. city

    Unitts on his daily walk

    nah that's when me and zac see u. smash it face in
  2. city

    Iron Giants Motorcycle Club

    support ur local giants by becoming an alcoholic. good shit tho xx
  3. city

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    hmm w/e have fun with ur yellow xenon lights and golden rims
  4. city


  5. uhhh this still exist. remember when thomaspwn & i believe Snipes owned dupont, the only way you could get a custom skin was to submit it to them on the forums and wait about 3 days before they mail it you in-game. na fuck that uG in San Fierro. not having every single generic in the game being outside your house. admins purging houses with red carpets leading up to the door krooked buying every single exterior next to pizza stack to turn it into one big complex firebird deleting rice mobiles at igs. when igs used to be the hotspot, not cancerstacks. roleplay lol.
  6. city

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    fuck u snitchin for
  7. city

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    Unless the rules get changed, when SWAT get deployed all parties are subject to a CK. No player should be revived.
  8. city

    Shooting cops?

    Holy shit I remember when you dropped Collins on Sun St. back in like 2014 or 15. That was a mad one back in Crenshaw. Matey vs PD ft. SD
  9. On your knees with your hands on your head would be better than the current /cover I think.
  10. VCT is what killed this server standards wise. With the vehicle range on GTA V it will just hit harder.
  11. city

    123 Northern Posse

    i made that shit speak to me
  12. To add on to this, some people have properties that have left the server and haven't been on for a year, but have another like 17 months worth of inactivity. Not sure if that situation got sorted out, but I think active players deserve a chance to make role play in these stores, or purchase these houses considering the people who own them aren't here anymore. The whole system could do with a rework. +1 tho.
  13. city

    Correct technique?

    just leave him there whats the point they arent my kids not my responsibility, child protection services on speed dial say they are shit parents for allowing a situation like this

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