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  1. city

    [General] - Remove the vehicle script.

    - Not really though is it? Anyone can shit out a wank advert for a shitty meet up and half arse /me commands for the next 10 minutes copy and pasting the specs. - Still has real names instead of MTA model name, so people wouldn't do that. - Barely anyone rices in illegal RP, even those who can afford a shit load of luxury vehicles they don't get about in them, I also wouldn't consider street racers illegal rp because it's just borderline provoking to get into police chases. - Jeff Go fuck yourself
  2. wow new bug in this release. crimson chin kept me banned what the frick dude let me go quincy
  3. city

    CS:GO frag montage.

    lol sorry but no its 2018 the games done. & 1 deags don't suffice as a clip unless its a triple or quad feed. but hey, thats mg2 matchmaking for u
  4. city

    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018

    manage to get to that ticket yet mate still waitin x
  5. city

    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018

    if mogzZz got admin how the FUCK am i banned real shit. shut the fuck up you fat spack
  6. city

    716 Peckerwood

    Get fuck off my thread
  7. city

    [Items] - Rework to Joints & Marijuana

    If you have 3 grams of weed, and grind 3 grams of weed down. In the end result you still have 3 grams of weed, just not as a nug. Don't use all of the weed and split it if you want to use less.
  8. city

    716 Peckerwood

  9. city

    716 Peckerwood

    imagine if crimson chin let me do this
  10. city


    got enough of them round here how about no
  11. city

    Realistic Timecyc for OwlGaming

    Think it's just me that thinks timecyc mods are terrible, looks unnatural on a lowpoly game.
  12. city

    History of Owlgaming.

    It's not about scripts. All you need is /me and /do, couple things like drugs and guns for illegal and a platform for legal to develop. The community is the problem with servers because people don't care about RP as much anymore, it's who has the most assets or the newest vehicle. The immersive side died in around 2016 and only still playable if you stick with a group of friends and don't let outsiders in.
  13. city

    History of Owlgaming.

    couldnt really sit here and praise maxime he fucked off for months on end and sold the server off because he couldnt be arsed fighting back against ddos attacks iirc. at least hes married now, and im still blocked on his facebook.
  14. city

    The Forgotten Ones

    its like a tramp mafia lol. very interesting though, hope to encounter you soon

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