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  1. city

    Twisted Devils Motorcycle Club

    simple and fresh logo nice
  2. city

    i miss my old forum account - rip piercee

    i remember some mc with vince, was mint
  3. city

    Pacific Rim review, bois

    why do you make these
  4. city

    [General] Unlock licensed weapons

    get an admin to give it to you kill yourself blame it on an accident refund request + non licensed weapon & fresh serial
  5. "breaks immersion" because everyone listens to thug zone trap radio and 28 year olds with lambo's chill outside a scruffy fast food chain wearing suits
  6. city

    Beverly Avenue Gang

    he said nah
  7. banana boat generic only
  8. city

    [SAAN] Bombing in Los Santos

    shuld blew up queenc's chin that shit need shortenin
  9. city

    How to deal with SAMP people

    think u should act more responsibly cos ppl are going to kill u
  10. city

    [General] - Remove the vehicle script.

    - Not really though is it? Anyone can shit out a wank advert for a shitty meet up and half arse /me commands for the next 10 minutes copy and pasting the specs. - Still has real names instead of MTA model name, so people wouldn't do that. - Barely anyone rices in illegal RP, even those who can afford a shit load of luxury vehicles they don't get about in them, I also wouldn't consider street racers illegal rp because it's just borderline provoking to get into police chases. - Jeff Go fuck yourself
  11. wow new bug in this release. crimson chin kept me banned what the frick dude let me go quincy
  12. city

    CS:GO frag montage.

    lol sorry but no its 2018 the games done. & 1 deags don't suffice as a clip unless its a triple or quad feed. but hey, thats mg2 matchmaking for u
  13. city

    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018

    manage to get to that ticket yet mate still waitin x
  14. city

    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018

    if mogzZz got admin how the FUCK am i banned real shit. shut the fuck up you fat spack

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