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  1. exhaust/drug effect, make the screen blurry, trippy add a skate park or something and let players actually skate, also you could add something which allows your character jump higher distances than usual with the bike/skate/rollerblades, this being a result of practicing bike, skate. etc add an actual pharmacy where people can buy common medicine but can't buy medicine that needs prescription med, something like ammunition, it doesnt let you buy gun if you don't have a license, but in this case you don't have a prescription. I guess the actual medics can give you a prescription for the medicine
  2. Name: SINNA Comment: 🔥🔥🔥
  3. ID 22 ID 20 ID 21 JESTER Evangelion Theme wrap
  4. Sultan vaporwave texture NRG texture [lightning] RS Haul employee [ID: 93] *will update this*
  5. Name: TYZEE Comment: dope shit!!!
  6. Name: Tyzee Comment: Any released songs yet?
  7. Name: anime waifu Bid: 70k as starting 😜
  8. Damn, great, Martin mad hot 🤤💕
  9. Winner. You will be contacted shorty to claim your car.
  10. Less than an hour until the auction ends.
  11. noted, leading outbid @Frankie @BurningWheels
  12. you are leading outbid @BurningWheels @Frankie
  13. Leading... you've been outbidded ((@Frankie @BurningWheels))
  14. Leading now. @BurningWheels outbid @Frankie
  15. noted, leading (( @BurningWheels )) outbid (( @Frankie ))
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