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  1. are you an e girl

    1. Resident


      Since she's taking so long to reply, its yes.

  2. are you an e girl

    1. eoozy


      beta im gona beat the fuck outa yo

  3. are you an e girl

  4. i say u unban everyone and watch the server have 200 players
  5. i wan be highest rank in the server everyone scared of me yes,,
  6. I say we keep it how it is, roleplaying in Paleto. Why? Why try and improve Paleto and it's surroundings by adding NPCs and stuff if you're just gonna move to LS anyways. This should've been done at the lauch for example choose an area in LS(Mirror Park or Vespucci Beach) and start from there with expanding. Another reason is the unique roleplay OwlV gives to players since it is based in the country side. There is no server on RAGEMP based on Paleto. I think if we keep developing the server by adding new features and stuff will bring more players, cause at this point most people don't join due the lack of features. There's only a few people that prefer the old styled roleplay using only text and anims. I log in everyday myself even if I don't find anything to roleplay, I try and create it and stay online for few hours just so other people can see there's activity on the server and hop on. I think if everyone would do that it'll help alot with the playerbase.
  7. 100% sure this will be added eventually, but it is gonna take some time
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