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    I need to shoot some niggas.

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  1. hola

  2. zorull

    Iron Giants Motorcycle Club

    (faction is dead lul)
  3. Blicky blicky blicky bitch I got my blicky

  4. kabPOEW.png

    Got me sad out here, yo.

  5. Geth the strapth my black American who is now a citizen or resident of the United States who have orgins in any black populations of Africa.

  6. zorull

    716 Peckerwood

    Shiiii good luck
  7. Y'all niggas should cover yo shoulders, shit gets dangerous out here.

  8. It ain't weird if you E fuck a nigga and you don't know its a nigga, but like if you a nigga E sexing another nigga and you know... You're fucking weird.

  9. zorull

    Asherat Al-Muslimon

    https://thereligionofpeace.com/ Ohh yeah baby

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