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  1. the bone county drag strip qualifies to be a saudi arabia 2.0, it has rice, money and sand

  2. Very good read, kudos to @Vubstersmurf for the story and yourself for the development on the character @Lartsa.
  3. *Ralph Caldwell enters the courtroom and takes a seat on the prosecution's side.*
  4. I find retexturing an interior a fully OOC thing, except for some players who pay money IC and have people do it. The price should either be reduced to something like $50 or make it free.
  5. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Reduce the price of wallpapers (a.k.a picture frames) in general stores (e.g IGS) What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- Reduce the price of wallpapers/picture frames because 350 is ridiculous What are the advantages?- People can decorate their custom ints without having to pay an extra few thousands What are the disadvantages?- none Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- It's as easy as it gets to lower the price of an item How would you go about implementing this idea?- -

  7. Colonel


    This is available in LS-RP, one of the few good things there. It would be a really nice addition to the server.

  9. Biographical information Name: Hector Francisco Cazalla Nickname(s): Heck - El Gordo Born: March 31st, 1999 Physical description Ethnicity: Hispanic Height: 182cm (5'11") Weight: 101kg Hair color: Black Eye color: Dark brown Known family Francisco Cazalla (Father) Stephanie Cazalla (Mother) David Cazalla (Twin brother) Childhood Hector Cazalla had a rough childhood as he grew up in a gang-riddled area alongside his twin brother David, they always stood up for each other as they were continuously faced bullying either at school or in the hood due to obesity. Their parents both worked full-time jobs leaving Hector and David alone at home when they didn't have school, this allowed them to explore the streets near their apartment more and get to know the respected members of the local gang in Las Colinas. Adolescence Hector's father was diagnosed with lung cancer while Hector was in his teens, his mother stopped working to take care of their father, she became a stay-at-home mother forcing Hector and David to both find jobs in order to carry the small family with hope that their father would be cured of the disease and their life would become normal again. Hector and David started off by selling newspapers, but it wasn't helping much and their lives became much worse than before. Due to the circumstances, both of them left school and started searching for a better job but no one would take them. Hector had the idea of approaching the friends he made at a younger age within their local gang and actually did. He approached one of his friends that went by the name "Cholo" at the time, he was a respected member and was able to introduce Hector to the higher-ups, his brother came on board a few weeks later and not long after they were slanging dope on the corners of Las Colinas, sometimes going deeper into Jefferson so they would get more customers. They were given a cut that was more than enough to provide for the family. Adulthood Hector's father moved into Saint Ernest Medical Center to receive treatment under professional care, their mother stays with him three days a week at the hospital. Hector and David were considered as respected members of the gang that they have been working for in the last few years which goes by the name Los Diablos Del Rato, with their father still struggling against his disease. Hector and David always stuck together even when they were slanging dope on corners, sometimes Hector works the bar at Restaurante Azteca, he usually wastes his spare time gambling with David.
  10. * Ralph Caldwell enters the courtroom, sitting on the plaintiff's side. *
  11. Ralph Caldwell enters the courtroom, taking a seat in the same row as Namira and Charlie.
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