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  1. almightyvasi

    Textures appear & dissapear constantly

    I did, same shit happening
  2. almightyvasi

    Textures appear & dissapear constantly

    Any video or written tutorials on this issue? It seems that everything I try to do ain't working so well
  3. See, I have a general issue that bothers me about the game. I have a problem when i'm playing, the game textures keep rendering, and by that I mean that they sometimes appear and all of a sudden they dissapear or become very blurry and I can't play like that. Tried to uninstall MTA and delete all mods but doesn't seem to work. Any advice please???
  4. almightyvasi

    Request to shorten in-game name

    Hi, I have created a character ingame called Ellis Boyd Redding, but It bothers me a little to play with that long name on the screen. Can you at least shorten it to Ellis B. Redding? Thanks

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