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  1. ארלו ויצמן || ARLO WEIZMANN || || DOB : May 4th 1970 || || Baton Rouge, LA || ((story to be added soon))
  2. Los Santos Auction House - [1$ Starting] Toyota Supra Twin Turbo VVTI Engine Trans Loom Item Name: Toyota Supra Twin Turbo VVTI Engine Trans Loom Starting Bid 1 Minimum Increase 500 Buyout N/A Auction Ends 25/6/2019 Contact Information Given to winner
  3. CURRENT RATES Currently taking on cases at $600/hr ((day)) Criminal Cases are per case Taking appointments on everyone welcome, cheap consultation fee. $500/hr Writing contracts at $400 a contract
  4. Contact us for your all of the law consultation and representation you need! **Users would be directed to their main page**
  5. "Your Honor, We can move to a summary judgement. Thank you." ((@EvilScotsman))
  6. “Your Honor, I’m requesting Forensic Fingerprint Analysis on the firearm as my clients finger prints will not be on it. ((@EvilScotsman @Zebulon @Luigikuik))
  7. "Mr. Spade, Don't you believe if this man was in possession of a firearm he would have been subject to Mr. Benton sexually assaulting him and allowing him to take his pants off and be pummeled by Mr. Benton? Do you not believe that if the firearm was on Mr. Dewitt he would've been able to wave off an attacker? Since a firearm was not in his possession he did not even have the option to defend himself against the real armed assailant," ((@Zebulon @EvilScotsman))
  8. "Well Your Honor, The defense would like to bring up a point shared to me by Mr. Dewitt. Before First Responders arrived Mr. Dewitt was being assaulted by Torey Benton, who even attempted sexually assaulting him by attempting to take off his pants. While held at gunpoint from Mr. Benton, at this point Mr. Dewitt had sustained injuries from this altercation which where he was just trying to ride his bike, where Mr. Benton interjected on his day. This is where Mr. Nagashima came in to Dewitts' help and shot Mr. Benton, all while Mr. Benton was trying to take off Mr. Dewitt's pants he had fumbled his gun that was held onto Mr. Dewitt dropping it in his pants, this is where First Responders' stopped and frisked him. So Your Honor, the gun found on my client was not his and planted on him at the time of death of Mr. Benton. Not to mention the Los Santos Police Departments' failure to tend to my clients injuries after his assault is very inhumane as he was roughed up by Mr. Benton, as well as the officers refused to read him his rights." ((@EvilScotsman @Zebulon))
  9. About Us: We are a Law Firm founded in San Andreas by Italian Immigrant Vito Scalise, He has worked hard in earning a law degree, becoming a public defender, and strengthening his knowledge. Scalise Law stands by their slogan "Innovating Solutions" to keep clients rights safe and for them to be worry free. Services We Offer: Consultation for legal information and advice Consultation to review documents (such as agreements, leases, wills, corporation documents, do-it-yourself court forms) Mediation, arbitration, or other third party services Preparation of documents Representing clients in negotiations (possibly under “collaborative lawyering” agreement where both attorneys withdraw if either side chooses to litigate) Representing clients in court, arbitration, administrative and legislative hearings Creation of Contracts or other legal binding documents Cases We Handle: We Will handle any court case big or small, our expertise ranges from Civil, Corporate/Company, Criminal, Personal Injury, Property Law, Labour Law... You name it and we've got your back! Are We Hiring Attorneys Currently? YES We are hiring attorneys, contact us! Contact Us: Vito Scalise - Head Attorney [email protected] (( Forum PM)) PH#359609
  10. ((We are ready to continue)) ((@EvilScotsman @Zebulon))
  11. " Indeed, recess requested to discuss with my client your honor." ((@EvilScotsman))
  12. *Vito Scalise would walk into the courtroom greeting everyone before walking and introducing himself to his client* ((@Luigikuik @EvilScotsman))
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