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  1. Interesting concept, careful not to push into Vinewood.
  2. I'm not particularly against the ability to provide feedback to the administrators with a system like this, that said, I can see where some administrators issues with a feedback system like that come up. Mogs put it pretty good; If a player has a legitimate problem, they will personally take the steps to resolve it themselves, including making their way through the chain of administration, reports, etc. Through this route, their problem can likely be resolved, or in the least rectified. No /history or criminal record, but in my past, reports are handled quickly, professionally, and to the best of their ability by the administrators (who are likely taking time out of their OWN RP to help) and I personally have no standing complaints for the administration team. This was just my two-cents on the post. Thanks for whatchu do, Administrative.
  3. Name: Lou Bid: 500 Comment: Is there any law against driving this vehicle with it's current wrap?
  4. Button fits you nice Wally, congratulations.
  5. Your welcome for pimpin' out your ride Tyler! Speaking of, and after lookin' at the reference pic, I got the perfect rims for ya. Dope shit bro.
  6. The layout is stellar! Your characters are all so extrovert! (which is pretty awesome) just don't die this time I'm rootin' for ya
  7. Excited to see your character development, as well as the progress of this organization. Should be good.
  8. You did a really good job with this man. Fits your character to a T.
  9. You're welcome for the layout, thanks for the shoutout though! Great story, but I just can't wait to be an Uncle
  10. Just threw it together anyway; consider it yours
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