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  1. I'm closing the faction and i'm going to re-upload a new story with more lines n stuff, and all the shit that you have talked in this topic will go back inside your mouth cunts
  2. btw its my first time on making a faction thread so ik its bad lmfao
  3. The "Almighty Vice Lord Nation" is a gang which was originally formed in chicago, in the early 1957s, The gang was formed by african american youths, and the "AVLN" is the branch of the "People" nation, which they claim the five point star, when the gang was formed, it started spreading over until it got into LS, in the late 2008s, A group of african american males decided to form the gang around John Paul St It's founders are Quantrell Von and Qushown Brantrell, The members of the gang can be identified by the colors they wear either black, red, or yellow, including gang signs which are the "V" and the "L" and so, The gang is known of commiting horrible crimes such as: Murder, robberies, money laundering etc.., After qushown was gunned down around Washington street, Quantrell decided to name the hood after him "Stain Block", after the project was seized for almost 3 years, the gang came back in the early 2018. And now, the members of the gang have taken the rap culture as a way to get money, and to tell people what they been through in the street life, Quantrell has made a rap career and started taking it seriously in 2016, he started rapping, and the community seemed to be liking his music that he produces, and he gained enough recongintion to be a local LS rapper, he have been gaining attention from the social media. After a while, the gang has grow its membership, and gained unwanted attention by the LSPD, Now, Quan has left the rap industry to take the street buisness seriously, And he started making deals with several dealers, And so.
  4. This is littearly bullshit, you'll just go kill each other cause of OOC beefs, or some shit going on OOC, thats fucked up, from now on i won't trust nobody, working alone is better.
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