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  1. whew. this was such a journey. looking back at it, none of it mattered but at the same time i want it all back. everything from the custom mapping, the scripts, to going almost 300 kmh on that highway to Montgomery. i wish i could experience it one more time. is the server code still available for the public? anyway i met some amazing players, with amazing, detailed roleplay. been jailed, banned countless times. but as i learned, life changes, eventually good shit ends. you'll want to go back, but the next chapter reveals memories you will want to relive once you get to the end of it. we will make new memories in owlv, even though many of us will be left behind, there will be new, lifelong (server wise) roleplayers. eventually owlgaming itself wont be a thing and we will all look back at the fond memories we made in owl mta, owlv, and owl6 i suppose. all the best to those who are leaving.
  2. i like where this idea is going. this can also encourage roleplay because everyone would be in the same vicinity and you can create some drama (ex. /me accidentally hits John with pickaxe). i was talking about the role play outside of the game like signing up for factions on the website, etc. then waiting 24h for a response because not everyone is in the same time zone. its a time consuming process. if there was a totally in game system where you can make constant money while interacting with players its totally fine. the focus isnt scripted jobs in particular its more of a fast way to make money to keep people engaged and to give players a sense of progression and that doesn't require anything but a pulse. scripted jobs obviously come to mind but any alternative will do. you don't have to make an elongated role play scene just to make a few dollars, most peoples work day in real life consists of the same boring things everyday.
  3. i am specifically voting for jobs that make you money without needing a drivers license. stop twisting my words, nowhere did i say "roleplay is a turn off" i specifically said applying to player run companies and waiting for responses which can take at least a few hours is a turn off. lets be realistic, new players that pass the test are focused on progression. roleplay comes after once they get a feel for the server and become comfortable knowing the community, otherwise it becomes overwhelming. new players want to make progression now, not wait a few hours otherwise they are gone. give me any faction, anyone can join in less than half an hour that is player run. ill wait. new players get a few perks yes, but that's not related to jobs at all. the issue is there is no script job that is sustainable that doesn't require a drivers license. jobs that take the place of other NPCs like toll booth and gas station is something cool i can think of. the script gives money but there is still interaction between players. players get money every payday and a commission with everyone they pump/pass thru the toll.
  4. of course, but realistically no one is going to spend hours/days on a new server filling out applications and hoping for progress while during this time, they arent getting any money or progressing. if new players dont get a sense of progression they leave. look at most games, players start out with 'perks' that give them a sense of progression so they continue to be engaged. forcing players to roleplay straight out of the box while the bulk of this roleplay is out of game is a straight turn off for new players and they will simply move on. script jobs are supposed for new players anyway. roleplay is what you make it. if you want to grind script jobs and not roleplay, that's on you. you only get out what you put in on this server. at least one new script job that pays enough for new players and doesn't require a vehicle is all i support. hell you can even make a cut off at a certain hour (like once you reach 5 hours). the whole scripted jobs system needs to be reworked. no one with 50+ hours should be doing rs haul.
  5. how do i skip the tutorial its making me crash at the same spot every time.
  6. time consuming to JOIN, you know, the application process, interview, etc? this can be a lot for a new player.
  7. it's a time consuming process though, new players would get turned off or overwhelmed. with scripted jobs it makes it easy for new players to make money.
  8. especially for a new player/character, the jobs are really moot. i think they should replace the city worker job with something else that doesn't rely on other players spraying paint. it's hard/time consuming to get in factions as a new character, especially due to the requirements.
  9. A hunger system. If you underfeed your character they will run slower/not be able to run. No sudden, eventual death like in LARP because you don't wanna be dying in the middle of roleplay (no one realistically dies mid dance in the middle of the club due to starvation). The hunger bar takes 6 hours to completely deplete. Once it depletes it does nothing except not allowing you to run.
  10. damn... they don't do admin jails anymore, they do timed bans. a lot has changed since you left.
  11. idk, i see a lot of residences and businesses are now for sale. the whole of tar street is up for sale, and there is usually high demand in that area because of the cheap homes and new characters can use their tokens there. i cant even remember the last time this server had at least 80 people online, let alone 100.
  12. Yeah i didnt see interest mentioned at all in the original post unless i missed something
  13. yes but also add the option of adding interest in percentage otherwise what would be the point of offering loans?
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