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  1. A hunger system. If you underfeed your character they will run slower/not be able to run. No sudden, eventual death like in LARP because you don't wanna be dying in the middle of roleplay (no one realistically dies mid dance in the middle of the club due to starvation). The hunger bar takes 6 hours to completely deplete. Once it depletes it does nothing except not allowing you to run.
  2. damn... they don't do admin jails anymore, they do timed bans. a lot has changed since you left.
  3. idk, i see a lot of residences and businesses are now for sale. the whole of tar street is up for sale, and there is usually high demand in that area because of the cheap homes and new characters can use their tokens there. i cant even remember the last time this server had at least 80 people online, let alone 100.
  4. Yeah i didnt see interest mentioned at all in the original post unless i missed something
  5. yes but also add the option of adding interest in percentage otherwise what would be the point of offering loans?
  6. Name: dud Comment: this is way overpriced, especially used.
  7. This post is seeming real piggish, cant put my finger on it.
  8. Thats because it knows you're jerking off. Turn off your porn and try again.
  9. Name; Comment: how does one even produce music while eating 2 whole bowls of popcorn?
  10. Please tell me why any charger/challenger hellcat is considered general but a jeep grand cherokee trackhawk is considered "exotic" when the trackhawk is more geared for general use and they share the same engine?
  11. A lot of people here seem to forget that whether a shop owner decides to have hours for their business is their choice, anyone can have opening times for their stores, this suggestion just makes it automated. Nothing is stopping any business owner from manually locking their doors at a specific time, not to mention its completely optional, so those who DO have opening times dont need to do it themselves, they can just use the automated system.
  12. or how about "civilian vehicles" in general are not affected by the snow? Civilian vehicles include RS Haul, Taxis, Buses, cars you test drive at the dealership, police cars i think? Also i dont know where you live but its perfectly legal here to use summer tires in the snow, just not recommended.
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