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  1. ItzGinaa

    GTA V Activation code issue

    A good solution is to... Try again later. Have you done that yet?
  2. ItzGinaa

    OwlGaming - Paint Ball

    paintball is open?
  3. ItzGinaa

    Having buses around Los Santos

    people are forced to get some sort of vehicle just because there is not much public transportation.
  4. ItzGinaa

    [Items] - Clothes generic item.

    This is a good idea.
  5. Name: CluElxss Comment: Really? when is his next song coming out? Ive been dying to hear it.
  6. ItzGinaa

    [Items] - Adding Custom Stream URL's to speakers

    I could see people playing porn over the custom stream lmao.
  7. ItzGinaa

    Moving main roleplay to beach/marina?

    This is the case in most RP servers. Im guessing its because of the role pizza stacks played in story mode.
  8. ItzGinaa

    [ SOLD] Car - 2004 Ford Explorer XLS [ENDS: 15/8/18]

    ((Use this link instead for the direct image https://file.kbb.com/kbb/vehicleimage/housenew/480x360/2004/2004-ford-explorer-frontside_ftexp041.jpg))
  9. ItzGinaa

    [Items] - Adding Custom Stream URL's to speakers

    But then how will Owl make their precious dollazz?? oh no!
  10. its alright, it's a whole new experience and makes driving easier. Also the reason why snapchat on Android is so bad is because they use a screenshot of your phones camera instead of using the phones camera directly.
  11. ItzGinaa

    what happens when owl is under maintenance

    I was randomly sticking my thumb in my nose, LIKE YOU ALL DO DONT LIE. and i realised my nose has muscles.
  12. hi! so I have been using Monect PC Remote as a controller to play my favourite driving games (BeamNG, ATS/ETS2) and occasionally use it here in Owlgaming as it makes driving the limit easier, and makes driving cars in Owl much more fun. Installation All you need is the android app from the play store and the windows counterpart from here. Installation and setup is easy, Layouts Layouts are slightly tricky and vary based on what games you play. If you are going to play CS;GO or Fortnite youre better off using a controller (those games are best using keyboard and mouse anyway). I would recommend using this for driving and flying games that are regularly paced and would be good with precision. I made my own separate layouts for owlgaming, ets/ats, city driving, and beamng. It's pretty straightforward, choose where you want your buttons and sliders to go and link them to key binds/axis, but there are some bugs that you will encounter while making the layout. I would advise you do not use the layouts that come with the app, as they are horrible. I used the race layout as a stepping stone to creating my own. If you want to create a layout for use in MTA/Owlgaming there are a couple more steps you need to do as GTA sa is not made for controllers. This is what the layouts tab looks like. The layouts with icons are the ones that the app comes with. Like i said i do not advise using those. I also use version numbers so I can keep track of what I added/removed to each layout over time. This is what the OwlGaming layout looks like that I made. You can choose icons for each button but I haven't gotten around to making/sourcing those yet. That "Steer" icon is a sensor button. Tap that and it will enable your Gyro and enable steering. I have it as a toggle because the way GTA SA is your character will move if you get out your car and it is still enabled. The slider to the right is what I use to accelerate and brake/reverse. Its also on a threshold so if I move the slider half way up, the car will only accelerate with half power, similar to a real car. the mini pad to the left isn't proportional sorry OCD viewers :(. Axis and keybinds (not good at explaining stuff) If you never used a controller for your pc before or used the /bind command, this can be confusing. Creating layouts means you have to bind those buttons and sliders/sensors you created. Let's go over each axis. There are 3 axes, X, Y, and Z. So the Z-axis is up and down movement, the Y-axis is forward and backward movement and the X-axis is side to side movement. In this app you can use any axis for any slider, whether its up/down, side/side or forward/backward and you can set these in the MTA application too. Each axis can be used in 2 directions, so there is Z- and Z+, X- and X+, and Y- and Y+. For the slider on the right in the above screenshot, that would be the Y-axis. Moving the stick up would send the Y+ signal, and moving it down would send the Y-. For the buttons, they are simple keybinds. Set the bind to for that button to any key on the keyboard, including the F1-12 keys. Creating a layout (i will provide a link to where you can download the layouts I made, put them in your internal storage: monect/layouts or install them by clicking the + icon in the layouts tab) When creating a layout you start with a blank screen. You can choose either portrait or landscape layout. for games obviously use landscape. (apparently I cant post any more photos) Tap the Edit mode icon, this will bring up a menu allowing you to choose which element you want to add to your layout (i recommend having 11x17 for the width and height of each icon. You can make them smaller or bigger by entering a smaller number, For the Keystroke section, you can add multiple keys to one bind. The default key is bound to the number 8, for some reason. Click the - button next to it to remove it. Click the + button to add a key to that button. You can also add an icon instead of a name, I haven't made any yet, you can make your own or get them from google if you want. For the name, it's also 8 as default. Change that to whatever you want. As a sample, I am going to make a button for starting the engine. For the name, I would put Engine, for keystroke I would add the letter J. Tap outside the menu and move the button around where you want it. Next, we are going to add a slider so we can accelerate, brake/reverse. So we click Edit mode, and tap slider. For the Axis tap one of the top 3 on the list. the others at the bottom are for inverted and rotation axis. For this axis i am gonna use Y, as Y is for up/down. We can use X for steering. Size depends on how big you want it on the side of the screen. Now we are gonna make the steering. You can use a slider, rotating it transversally or you can use a sensor. your device requires a gyro, which pretty much all phones nowadays has. For the sensor keep it on G-sensor. You should see the orange needle moving as you turn your device side to side. You can extend the blue needles at both sides of the bar for better accuracy. That's pretty much it. There are other things monect can do like remote desktop, using it as a mousepad, etc. There are also other layout options and configurations you can do but I haven't gotten that far. Tips 1. If you are experiencing lag between the pc client and the app on your phone, you can use Bluetooth (if your pc has it) or the Mobile Hotspot option (if your computer has it) so your phone will be directly connected to your computer, and both your phone and pc will still have internet connection. Only downside is you have to disable it or your pc won't go to sleep, not a big deal. 2. Don't buy the Gold version of the app, not worth it. Only gets rid of ads. Developer doesn't deserve the money anyway due to all the bugs. If you have root, you can download AdAway on your phone (not on playstore, for obvious reasons. you have to download the apk or get it through F-droid) to get rid of most ads on any app and web browser (excluding youtube, use Youtube Vanced for that). 3. Don't use Spotify or any other internet intense app while using the app. Even with mobile hotspot/Bluetooth, the controller can still lag due to those apps hogging all the bandwidth. The whole guide is complicated but if you just download and experiment by yourself its a breeze. 100% worth it 10/10 would go through it again. Link to my layouts.
  13. ItzGinaa

    Moving main roleplay to beach/marina?

    The differences between ips and marina are huge. in ips you have dozens of stores, garages within walking distance. Cheap, rentable rooms around the corner and across the road. marina has none of that. all marina has is a beach, parking lot, and a boardwalk. There are no interiors. Thats why the mall was a common area for a brief moment. Also there is nothing to gain at marina. in ips you can get drugs, random events, more roleplay options like robbing, breaking into peoples cars, destroying them, that wouldnt be realistic in marina. during the winter season people hung out at persing square because Santa claus, there were things to gain from him.
  14. ItzGinaa

    Developer Diary #6 - Community Feedback

    the car industry in owl is huge, i hope you guys do reconsider.
  15. Or they could have it so the markers would show when you got close to them. If you click alt the property info would still show, the markers themselves just wouldnt be visible until you got close.

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