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  1. ItzGinaa

    how are you

    Feelin' good, I'm feelin' great · Tired of the fuckin' hate, stackin' cheese all on my plate
  2. ItzGinaa

    [Vehicles] - Old turning lights system.

    Honestly, no. The synchronization was never good, always lagging behind the vehicle, Second, there is no one size fits all, that means on motorcycles or large trucks those light circles won't be on the vehicle, they will be floating behind or in front of the vehicle instead of actually on it. Third, it just doesn't look like its part of the vehicle, it looks like an addon. The only advantage i see is that the light is its intended colour, and it doesn't blink once while your lights are on (there is a way to fix this as i seen it on other "clones" of this server"), which both advantages are insignificant.
  3. ItzGinaa

    Car Roleplay Mini Guide

    we (or at least you guys) dont have full control of vehicles in the game because we only have 4 buttons that is supposed to control what would in reality, be very fine movements. People run over curbs by accident, find it hard to stay at a steady speed (CC is very tedious and jerky), cant turn with precision.
  4. The fact that you never capitalized broadway so you had me thinking about a highway instead of a name. Also never heard about the toll gate manager.
  5. ItzGinaa

    Helper - Supporter Rank

    Supporters should be a position not as big as regular admins, but should require some decent knowledge about the server. they should be able to do some basic problem solving, like assisting new players, fixing invisible cars, etc. Admins should be required for roleplay based problems like PG, MG etc.
  6. ItzGinaa


    You could do that.
  7. ItzGinaa

    Car - 2007 Dodge Charger R/T [ENDS: 9/23/2018]

    Name: Quadi B Comment: nice car.
  8. We arent RPing in LS, we are RPing in the northern part of the map (for now).
  9. Whether youre using rage mp or mta is subjective. in certain circumstances one should play on mta or rage. There is no one size fits all here.
  10. ItzGinaa

    Developer Diary #6 - Community Feedback

    Its not gang controlled at all, its just ghetto and low class. Gangs are present but they do not patrol that area, they dont own anything, they are just there. Doesnt mean you shouldnt go there as a middle class citizen. This is the roleplay i was talking about when i said we should keep custom vehicles, not the fact that you have a real car with real characteristics just to be 'cool'.
  11. ItzGinaa

    GTA V Activation code issue

    A good solution is to... Try again later. Have you done that yet?
  12. ItzGinaa

    OwlGaming - Paint Ball

    paintball is open?

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