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  1. sad cunt

    1. Rauf


      thx mate

  2. congratulations to QUEENC ZUCLYA AND CORONACANADIAN really proud of you queec, keepup good work mate very sad to see my mate unitts go 😢😢😢😢😢 why is my mate mogs not SENIOR ADMIN yet?!?!?!? 😢
  3. tra weeb 


    [OPUNISH]: Trial Admin QueenC issued 20 points to rosemarie. [OPUNISH]: Reason: Alt-Alt. [OPUNISH-BAN]: rosemarie has been banned Permanently.

  4. name: ur da comment: Very Good. 🔥
  5. where does it say that mariana castillo is a lesbo
  6. Name: Ron Ronnie Comment: ah thank god owan golden is out im tired of that paki
  7. Name: Roberto Westley Comment: Nice cars only if i had $
  8. gl ben mate actually doing some good shit unlike that other mong who posted that useless trollish drifting thread
  9. is this supposed to be comedy
  10. i'd rather have floods and earthquakes than a boring 2 hour music event that u have nothing to do
  11. to be fair and fully honest you are kinda gay mate but a nice person 

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    2. Script


      get off my mate reppopos

    3. Restrepo


      you're all banned from posting any further comments on my wall, any violators will be reported to forum admin @Unitts

    4. Enzooo


      will be bringing this up to ur da's court mate i cant take this punishment sorry

  12. you're so fucking beautiful xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    2. Script


      dont let no one ever tell you you aint beautiful mogs

    3. Enzooo


      its okay mogs but you're very beatful and i loev you with my whole heart xx you script i love you too you fucking MONG

    4. Script


      thanks ucuntface :) i love you too

  13. let queenc host another rp school mate
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