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  1. i'd rather have floods and earthquakes than a boring 2 hour music event that u have nothing to do
  2. to be fair and fully honest you are kinda gay mate but a nice person 

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    2. Script


      get off my mate reppopos

    3. Restrepo


      you're all banned from posting any further comments on my wall, any violators will be reported to forum admin @Unitts

    4. Enzooo


      will be bringing this up to ur da's court mate i cant take this punishment sorry

  3. you're so fucking beautiful xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    2. Script


      dont let no one ever tell you you aint beautiful mogs

    3. Enzooo


      its okay mogs but you're very beatful and i loev you with my whole heart xx you script i love you too you fucking MONG

    4. Script


      thanks ucuntface :) i love you too

  4. let queenc host another rp school mate
  5. Enzooo

    dinoco perms

    need my dinoco importation consultant perms sorted out hired by thomas warren
  6. hello welcome to back server hope i you enjoy your stay
  7. @Mogs has BEEN grinding lately (definitely not a troll)
  8. HAPPY BIRThday

    1. Mogs


      shurnup enzo weab

  9. yeah good RPer Jayson Zoltan >creates faction regarding cop killing and shit >goes to rob people at rs haul gas station in front of 4 npcs and in front of 3 cctvs >evades, goes back into ls >gets pulled over, decides to try and kill the cop but fails cuz he cant aim for shit >gets killed instead and starts bitching about it cuz in owlgaming people never want to lose >then rps stealing a carbine from a police officer while having 12 gunshout wounds clap mate, rp at its finest
  10. Damn That is Pretty Cheap plus Abdul looks like a man id definitely shag all day : )
  11. Name: am Bid: fourty grand on first vehicle
  12. good read tbh, good shit mate
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