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  1. sad 2 see a certified member of the community go :(



    [OPUNISH]: Admin QueenC issued 20 points to PinkSmiles9.

    [OPUNISH]: Reason: RDM, Logging to avoid

    [OPUNISH-BAN]: PinkSmiles9 has been banned Permanently.


    1. EDR


      lolwat get fucked

  2. Money up front Is standard practice for any reputable artist. Only children who don’t know how the world works will argue with that
  3. Pink Life

    1. Thomasmith


      Black is better : ) 

  4. That ....went to you, after I did his logo
  5. Lucy Mccoy is now a member of Alliance, offering design and architectural services
  6. I’d like to appreciate most admins, @QueenC @Piney @yannickboy15 @Skateboard @AnalShipment @Daniels @Script @Unitts This community has been pretty unforgiving and horrible at times but these admins are sweet, careing and nice. They pour their souls into the community trying to make it a safer, friendlier place for everyone. I don’t know how you do it but you have my respect.
  7. Name: Lucy Mccoy Comment: I am selling the blueprints for the interior design and the construction required to build it
  8. I like your work, it’s very fitting for the theme of the game. However I do have on criticism, the backdrop between a lot of the text/images is confusing. It’s hard to read or understand at first what text says. You should focus on making the text appear in contrast to the background images
  9. @Piney is awesome, sweet and helpful. Great admin and member of the community, would hug 10/10. Piney for lead admin
  10. Any texture or creative work made by another person in any form is intellectual property and should not be stolen. Doesn’t matter what it is. Also I recommend watermarking your skins, you can do it in ways that make it not visible unless you edit the texture or modify the file
  11. Well, that’s not really true. Sure the model has a certain amount of polygons but you can custom paint skins to look much better then default and most skins. A lot of skins might have been ripped from external sources or like collaged together from images
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