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  1. sad 2 see a certified member of the community go :(



    [OPUNISH]: Admin QueenC issued 20 points to PinkSmiles9.

    [OPUNISH]: Reason: RDM, Logging to avoid

    [OPUNISH-BAN]: PinkSmiles9 has been banned Permanently.


    1. EDR


      lolwat get fucked

  2. Money up front Is standard practice for any reputable artist. Only children who don’t know how the world works will argue with that
  3. I gots to get 1000 views by the end of the week 😝
  4. Pink Life

    1. Thomasmith


      Black is better : ) 

  5. That ....went to you, after I did his logo
  6. Lucy Mccoy is now a member of Alliance, offering design and architectural services
  7. This isn't exactly possibly for MTA I don't believe, it's more of a concept that would fit for GTA V, despite the GTA SA background. The profile picture would represent your account, not your character
  8. Does the faction team still exist and do they have a logo? Haven’t seen them around before
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