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  1. Drellezzy

    Millennium Corporation

  2. Drellezzy

    Merry Christmas !

    Likewise.. 3lena w 3lek
  3. Drellezzy

    Forums took a shit for me

    Try to click refresh button multpi time, I guess.
  4. Drellezzy

    Donated 750GC =

    Ayo, can I ask a question for the admins here? If I donate with 5$ and get Silver Member, the Game coins will stay with me?
  5. Drellezzy

    short film, mta video

    I need that skin really bad.
  6. Listen up 🛑 😤

    we demand nothing but our rights 😡😡

    we want ❄️🌨️

    and we want that to happen today 👇👇👇

    we 🦉gamers 😏

    demand justification 😡

    of why ❄️🌨️ ❄️

    isn't applied yet 😫😫

  7. Drellezzy

    Lamar Jefferson and Khalifa Hopson RETURN?

    Lammmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaar! the real gangsta!
  8. Drellezzy

    Dream Car Giveaways

    Nice, i will buy a ticket for this soon.
  9. Drellezzy

    Almighty Saints

    nice one.
  10. Happy birthday omie! :D

  11. Drellezzy

    Jamal Alexson

  12. Drellezzy

    No Jumper - The Roova Da Hoova Interview

    Name: Kerafoo1 Comment: who is this guy?
  13. Drellezzy

    How's life?

    life is a joke.

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