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  1. Good morning eh? OwlGaming has introduced me to various lessons in life and gave me friends for life. I'll always be grateful for that even once Owl completely fades to black and the door closes on the coffin. I'm sure I'll see several of you around on the Paradise community and if not I wish you all more then the best.
  2. Not something that I personally view as necessary, everybody that is in PD knows how a taser work, so they can't just spam taze someone. If they do, obviously they would be powergaming. Meh from me, attention on scripts could and should be put somewhere else that is not this. This affects on a small margin of the playerbase, where as other features will be able to impact a wider view of the playerbase, such as in-game interior building, etc.
  3. Hey, if you want I can help you over Teamviewer. Will probably work the fastest and makes identifying the issue easier. Let me know.
  4. Have you tried installing RAGE on a different drive?
  5. Hey there Desley, welcome. Your name is oddly familiar, probably have seen you on some SAMP servers we've both played on. I wish you a warm welcome and I think you'll fit in just fine. We've got a variety of factions going on, the classic LEO factions such as LSPD, LSCFD, PWTD(Public Works Traffic Division), C.A.A (County Air Administration) and allot more on each flipside of the spectrum. Plenty of choice for legal and illegal. If you have any questions feel free to PM me with any you've got. Again, welcome!
  6. Got nothing on this suggestion but agreements. Current command list makes you scroll endlessly. Animlist would be great so people can narrow down for what they are searching for. For commands overal I think categorizing them into tabs would be the best.
  7. Think maybe an command would be better, like /showlicenses. There's a history of cops not giving back licenses on scriptwise on accident. For the rest, I totally agree. The inventory however is quite big. Maybe like a trade window would be optimal.
  8. I wouldn't say so, no. We'll just have vehicle descriptions. Adding /ed doesn't mean we will be able to reflect real life vehicles. There's a ton of vehicles in-game with various handlings and uses. However I wouldn't mind seeing in the future a vehicle system we used to have on MTA but a bit more dumbed down. I hope the RAGE developers will release this soon or maybe even a snapshot for testing purposes. So that servers can start improving their scripts based on the new sync system and hopefully be ready to roll with the new RAGE release once it drops.
  9. I'd like to see a return of /ed, especially since we have plenty of people who RP having their vehicle damaged etc and since RageMP their sync is still lightly all over the place I would think this fits well in the current atmosphere of the server. Maybe like the old system with the press of ALT so you can see it or maybe a different way.
  10. I think the dark mode would be very nice to have, it is fucking bright sometimes lmao. For the MTA side being hidden, I think now would maybe a bit too fast but I deffo agree that down the line it should be phased out.
  11. Damn, thats pretty good there mate, but to be fair I haven't watched NBA in awhile sir
  12. no luv for u sacromento kings has been my favorite basketball team sir
  13. Ye men, my dick so big now its called magnum dong 3.0
  14. Couldn't bloody sleep, and had to go somewhere with my midnight creativity. (It's currently 02:40 a.m where I live, which is the Netherlands.) So, to make what could be a very long story, short.. I'm Mike, aka Ixosis. I'm 19 years of age, and I am currently wrapping up my study for my degree in IT- and server management. I currently love what I'm doing so far at my education and hope to take it far into a job, or whatever crosses my path. My current hobbies are: Basketbal, tinkering with computers, tinkering with my finished car together with my dad. =D I have been recently promoted to a Senior Administrator and I've already had a batch of new trials. Everyone within the team is really helpful and is always there to guide you into that step forward. I really don't regret my choice in becoming an administrator. I hope to be able to provide my service for a long time within the community as I love helping those out that need helping. Well, thats all folks. If you have any questions however, don't be afraid to ask them. Aslong as they aren't too private or the standard way too old joke ''whats the 6 digits on your creditcard number'', then I'll answer them. xx, stay safe and enjoy your time on the server guys.
  15. @Vubstersmurf xoxo @QueenC banned me, but all good xoxo @ItsMelodyy Oh wait, u're not admin anymore. ? And anyone else that has helped me in the past. xxx
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