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  1. Report them to an admin with a screenshot like anyone else would, then the admin would repair it and so on. If the discussion has been brought up before then I don't remember it, but damages are mostly caused by erratic driving lol. I literally watch half of the player base daily smash into walls at 70 plus mph and then just go PnS their cars. The people who do RP their damages are very rare to find and even then don't drive like morons. Report said bug
  2. Alright so I've noticed people drive erratically and just go and pay n spray their car like nothing ever happened, and it shouldn't be like that. Pay N Sprays should be removed and only mechanics are able to repair vehicles with roleplay. I believe it'll help the mechanic RP a lot considering it will bring in more than ricers wanting 30000 HP supra's. Considering mechanics fix cars too, I've only fixed a hand full of cars that were wrecked in a 2 year span. Also, it will most likely keep the crash rate down a lot because people will be stuck driving a fucked up car for
  3. Name: Bobby Comment: I bet you're busy talking to some fucking slut
  4. Name: Bobby Comment: I'll give you $85,000.
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