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  1. Name: Bobby Bid; Buyout Comment: fuck you sneaks its mine
  2. Name: Bobby Comment: Just to be clear, you say it has a fresh ECU tune and shift change?
  3. There's petty people on here that will feed your character and never let them go sadly. I remember seeing a similar case happen where some people left a guy to starve without a CK app and he still had to CK because they forgot about RPing with him. It's absurd to ruin someone's roleplay experience by just kidnapping them, and leaving them to where they can't RP shit on their character just because a CK app got denied or if you're just being petty because you don't like them and found an IC reason to kidnap them and then you magically forget about them or just want to keep them there for no reason.. I can agree with this, and this is coming from someone who is an Illegal Roleplayer. This is a restriction that's pretty self explanatory, get the info you need, let them go or PK them, or scare them and let them go, whatever, don't hold them forever just to be a fucking ass.
  4. Name: Bobby Comment: MRSP is $85,000, the vehicle only has 5,000 miles thus the vehicle keeping the value well. If you're capable of finding a better deal, do it, stop bitching here, I'm here for the auction, not a whiny cunt who can't afford it.
  5. Name: Bobby Bid: $60,000 Comment: I want to die so this is the perfect bike for me.
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