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  1. Wingatar

    Certified Cop Killer Matey.

    LSRP is for the losers who can't roleplay. At least we have actual roleplay to be given here.
  2. Wingatar

    [Robberies] - Rule Suggestion.

    Have you thought about fighting against the restrictions if it effects you that much? This rule here will just be when there's not enough cops on, so I say that 3 cops have to be online which is reasonable, and that's when you'll be allowed to go around robbing people, instead of the guys waiting until there's like 20 people on and no cops to even respond to a call.
  3. Wingatar

    Just wasted a fiver hi - Free Games

    You could've let the community actually try and get other games too you know rather than being worse than this guy -->
  4. Name: Bobby Bid: Offering $16,000 as starting.
  5. Name: Bobby Bid: $43,000
  6. Wingatar


    Long story short, the VT needs to grow so it can actually bloom, and maybe even be more active within the community, as in like better communication and maybe even more little events that revolve around vehicles, similar to the rare car auctions that happen here and there, that shit is neat.
  7. Wingatar


    Right now the issue is the lack of members, and with the lack of members, it will most likely never grow out of what seems to be the friend circle they hold so it's making it much harder for other people to apply with the mentality that "they're not good enough." I also mean't they're unorganized because Disappoint forgot to PM me about my application being denied, but had no issue telling everyone, including me on this topic, that it was denied, rather than personally speaking with me about it.
  8. Wingatar


    The topic is about the Vehicle team as a whole. Anything that needs fixed regarding the vehicle team. I've attempted to contact Disappoint about some of the things I thought could be changed, but it's almost as if they're acting arrogant and think it's perfect or getting better, with only 4 members, they're not growing, and definitely not thriving to become better.
  9. Wingatar


    I'm not crying about anything, I'm trying to get an argument or an understanding to why the Vehicle Team is going down hill with only FOUR MEMBERS. Start accepting some fucking applications and let the team grow into something better than what it is now. You guys have standards that are ridiculously high and have even removed loyal VT members that did their job 50 times better than the members now, and the ones that quit, quit because they were treated like garbage. I also never told you to slave your life away, you can do whatever you want, but remember that you have duties here as well, because you signed up for it. At east, as a team member, do your job to support the team when you're here.
  10. Wingatar


    I am enjoying the Holidays with my family, but even when the Holidays are over, the problems will still persist, hence why I'm still talking about it regardless.
  11. Wingatar


    And? I was just believing and following what I thought would've been neat. Now I understand fully to why at first, my topic was a bit dumb. Now, it's more about the vehicle team trying to hold up with only 4 people and having such high standards to the point where no one wants to join because it's nearly impossible to join. I already know I won't ever get to be in VT, because of this post here, but that's okay, as long as people attempt to join and make changes for the better like I wished to do, I'll be happy. Afterall, this post is about the Vehicle team, meaning the Team as a whole, the restrictions, regulations, everything. There's a lot of problems to be corrected.
  12. Wingatar


    "tHiS is LiKe tHoSe aRtIclEs YoU sEE aBoUt gEnDeR nEuTrAliTy" Go away with that shit. We're talking about how the vehicle team needs to make a change for the better. I know at first it was probably fucking stupid but the more I thought about it and after people actually gave a better explanation, I understood. If you don't have a good argument or explanation to something, go away, your opinion can stay up your ass where it belongs otherwise.
  13. Wingatar


    Well you see, 3 months ago, it didn't seem that bad, but I brought it back because hey, only 4 people in the Vehicle Team, and they're not expanding anytime soon. They have very high standards from what I see, because my application was very detailed and I submitted some good work logs of when I installed a upper intake and supercharger on a Shelby GT350 for AnalShipment. They also didn't message me about my application at all and i had no word about it up until I brought this back up and Disappoint said I was denied on here. The could atleast have the audacity to be formal and PM someone about their application as a response, instead of completely ignoring them.
  14. Wingatar


    I never said the VT is useless. I said the restrictions are useless. Yeah, I was upset at the very start of this but I asked around and got a better understanding for shit, which is what I hoped for, I didn't make this thread for people like YOU, to come and bitch and cry about what I'm doing, and I'm not humiliating myself because I at least have the balls to bring up things that I believe could be changed to make vehicles more desirable without having to modify it. Even if it will never happen in a million years, I d o n o t g i v e a F L Y I N G F U C K. I will still see what I can do to get support, or even an argument that will prove me wrong, which the only people that has, was Disappoint and DxRK. Go away John and let me "humiliate," myself without your opinion, or you trying to make me feel bad.
  15. Wingatar


    Yeah because i have spare time. I sparked an argument in hopes of people seeing where I'm coming from and no one does. Only a few people do but they feel like they wouldn't have a chance in making an argument, so I took my chance and I tried. And quit questioning MY life style so much, at least I have a back bone and will fight for something I think would be neat and make older cars more desirable so we're not having people driving around in super cars just so they can go more than 100 MPH. You're probably the guy that would give your boss the lube so when he's fucking you, it won't hurt so bad. Get a back bone and off of my post please, thank you.

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