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  1. Wingatar

    Car - 2014 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan [ENDS:17/9/18]

    Name: Bobby Bid: $95,000
  2. Wingatar


    I'm a big car guy too.. Ford tech as well.. I don't revolve my character around cars but I did want to have a white trash character with an el Camino that would tear up the roads. It was all just apart of development since it was my characters first actual buy. Anyhow I'm not upset entirely with the people in vt, I'm mostly upset because of the strict regulations.. like the 75 percent rule. If the cara would just have their normal power no one would be going around nodding constantly. Plus it blows when you buy an 80 hp car and the power gets chopped and then you're stuck with a piece of shit that can't make it up a hill. The 75 percent rule should only apply to cars over 600 horse power stock. And ye.. I don't get how people rp poor and abused but owns 7 million dollars worth of cars.
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    Didn't get to finish it sadly because I didn't check the forum, But it got accepted. Next. I would apply but I doubt with a ban I would be able to, and since I spoke my opinion on the present VT, I doubt they would want me anyways.
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    Funny thing is, this was for the El Camino with the same mods. Sad isn't it?
  5. Wingatar


    Of course I'm going to have bad conversations with people who have shit attitudes. Just saying. And Park, I don't even know why you're getting so heated because you left the Vehicle Team for a reason too. It really needs some work. And I literally apologized for blowing up on you and also explained nicely how it would work and etc. Whatever. Don't care. Just quit getting so heated over an opinion on the internet. I and a few other people agree that the VT needs work, and especially more people willing to be active within it.
  6. Wingatar


    I mean if I'm going to be bossed around on how to do things on a vehicle, then at least have first hand knowledge before you try and tell me that I'm wrong. I know using google is beneficial but if you have to google how to do something or if it will be strong enough and so on.. Complete BS because you're going to get different answers from every car guy. Just like people that say K&N Air filters add 50 horse power. It's literally all in how you do it and what you do to prevent the bad things. I was going to take those precautions but i didn't have the money to reinforce the chassis (which makes no sense honestly for 700 horse power), axles and a diff and all that. Well if I could afford it I would do it, but I also requested that the vehicle be Immobile while it was still a work in progress to make it more realistic instead of forcing someone to either do it one performance part at a time, or do a complete build all at once.
  7. Wingatar


    I literally specified earlier that it wouldn't handle well with drag slicks or extremely grippy tires. Hence why I said it would be on regular street tires, it will spin a bit but it will eventually get going. It's not an off the line build I was going for.
  8. Wingatar


    Stock can handle it, but swapping the internals means you wouldn't have to rebuild it for a while longer. all transmissions need rebuild eventually, and I'm the one that likes that RP. I would RP my vehicle breaking down more often if I wouldn't have a stroke trying to fucking fix it. Just L&A this someone. I'm done. can't even state an opinion without the children coming out of the depths with the "Salty," or "crying," arguments.
  9. Wingatar


    And it eventually got accepted after i had to explain it as well, you was gone by then. It's sad I had to write a book on how a fucking transmission can handle the power with a rebuild. The internals are easily interchangeable with parts that can handle power, come the fuck on.
  10. Wingatar


    Muncie M21 was used in the Camaro's too. Chevelle's. Nova.. And yeah I've seen those forums, there are several different answers saying "it'll handle 600" "no it'll handle it" "No it'll break" How are you so certain that they're right too? It all depends on how well the transmission has been taken care of and it's best to do a complete rebuild on it before doing this so it can most definitely withstand the power.
  11. Wingatar


    You can google things all day but people have different answer for everything. Yes the Muncie M21 Rockcrusher transmission can handle 800 horse power at the most, but it will need a way better clutch and regular street tires for less grip to avoid snapping the drive shaft. It's a budget build and I've witnessed this first hand, in person. If you have to rely on google and say you know about cars, then you really shouldn't be on the Vehicle Team. Oh yeah better axles are prefered but the stock axles in an el camino were good none the less. Anyhow I've had several people I've talked to that tried doing Mechanic stuff tell me that they missed like a bolt or something and because of that small detail, their logs were denied. Actually I was planning on engine swapping my El Camino with a build 454 that would fit right in, but I would need to fabricate the hood for the supercharger and blower. The engine makes 800 horse power, but to the wheels it wouldn't make anymore than like 700 considering it's a heavy vehicle.. Anyhow keep your bullshit off of this, I'm wanting the Vehicle team to change so maybe mechanic RP can change and be a little more fun, rather than stroke inducing. And I'm not crying a river, it's called wanting a change because I believe there is an issue if the VT has to google if a modification will work.
  12. Wingatar


    Our beloved Vehicle Consultant Team.. They expect so much from people on a video game. I understand they want detail, but when they get detail, they say you don't have enough "lines." I understand there is a guideline but it seems as if they don't pay attention to detail within a single /me, but would rather see 50 /me's of someone RPing removing shit one bolt at a time. This kills the fun in building cars and or fixing them, it feels like a real job to fix up a car just for some troll to try and fuck it up eventually. This is a video game, I repeat a video game. We also tend to forget things because guess what, it's a video game, not real life. In real life, I would see that I missed a bolt or two, but since i don't have the actual objects, considering its a VIDEO GAME, it would be hard to memorize a few things. The Vehicle team has went to shit and I believe new rules should be applied rather than basing roleplay off of a guideline and they actually pay attention to the detail, not the amount of /me's. Being a mechanic is insanely boring on here and it's no fun when you continuously have to explain how certain stock transmissions can handle 700 plus horse power, but the stock clutch can not. It's ridiculous. I want to see people learn and actually enjoy Roleplaying a mechanic, on here it's fucking horrid, I nearly had a stroke trying to get the Vehicle team to accept an application. I believe there is change that needs to come.
  13. Wingatar

    Vincent "Vinny" Lombardi.

    April 22, 1991 Astra Health Center, Hoboken, New Jersey. Baby Vincent was born with only his mother to hold him in her arms. His father no where to be found as he was conducting to "business." A long 49 hour birth with no support from her husband, Mary Lombardi wasn't too happy with Leonard's disappearance. She was still gullible to believe that he had a real job and was working hard to support the family, but in reality he had much different intentions. August 12, 1998 While Vincent was at school, it wasn't long before his father, Leonard came and signed him out for the day. Leonard took Vincent to lunch at the restaurant his father claimed to work at. In the middle of the meal, Leonard was approached by a rather large man in a fine suit, they spoke to each other in such a low tone, that Vincent couldn't hear but only a few words. "Sit down," is the only word Vincent could really pick out of all of the mumbling. After the conversation ended between the two, Lunch did not resume. Leonard took Vincent back home and left him while he took off in the Buick. Vincent hadn't seen his father until the next day. July 19, 2004 I was only 13 when I got my first job. I won't forget this day either because it's when my dad brought me into his business, and I had no fuckin' clue about it. I started working down at my father's shop, working on cars with him with the little knowledge I had. Some days we would go into work late, maybe around 10 PM at the latest, and start stripping cars. I thought I was helping him do body repairs, but in reality he was stripping them of the parts and scrapping them for extra cash. We were making good money together, and even decided to name in Leo and Son Automotive, down in Hoboken. At about 2004 I remember everything clearly so I'm taking the story over, I'm Vincent Lombardi and this is my life story. I wasn't the brightest crayon in the box when I was younger, but I was coming to. Street knowledge was something I was seriously lacking but it wouldn't be too long before my dad actually started luring me into the, "Family business." I eventually learned enough about cars to start working alone so I didn't need the extra help from my father. This was later in 2004 whenever I started working in my own bay and such. My dad would sometimes take, "days off," for himself but I ended up following him one day, and here's the best part... He knew I would follow him somehow. The fucker went into the Italian restaurant he used to work at when I was like six or seven, and I went inside a little afterwards. I was greeted by my father and I remembered the fat man in the suit. Apparently that was the big guy, head of the whole family. I never knew I had Italian blood until this day, my father explained a lot to me, and eventually they started talking about "the ways of the family." They also mentioned that they wanted to toughen me up because apparently I was too damn soft. I don't recall them ever toughening me up but that's when I knew I was knee deep in shit. I got into a fight in High School around January 2005 or something like that. I got suspended for a few days and my father was pissed. I told him the kid was picking at me and busting my balls all the time and I couldn't handle it anymore. Well my father took me straight to the kids house after tellin' him that. The kid opened the door and seen me, instantly shut the door in our face. My father just kicked the fuckin' door in like it was nothin' and went into their living room while holding my arm. The kids dad came into the living room with a gun thinkin' someone broke in and that's when my dad pulled his heater. My father's heater was like a real shiny chrome revolver, it was a scary looking gat. The guy and my father aimed at each other for a hot 5 minutes, or at least that's what it felt like. My dad wasn't having it anymore, just shot the guy right in the leg. He demanded that I took the guys gun and put it in my waistline. I was scared to death at this point because one, my dad just shot someone, and two, I didn't know what the fuck to do with a gun. Well I picked up the gun and stuffed it down my pants and didn't even cover it up because I didn't know any better. Well the guy was cussing at my dad and eventually brought up my name into it, calling me something that I don't remember, but my dad pulled the trigger again, this time the guy went silent. I was forever changed after watching what my father did, killed a man and leaving him like nothing happened. It was some serious shit. No one said anything about it, didn't even hear it on the news, nothing. At this point, I felt untouchable. My father taught me how to shoot the gun I took from that guy and that was my heater for the time being, he told me to treat it like it's a trophy. We were in Northern Jersey in a small part of the forest shooting, shot a few bottles, he helped me get my aim on point. I still have that Colt 1911 to this day as well, but no one will find it. I'm going to fast forward from there because nothing interesting happened after those days other than working at the shop. It was 2008, don't remember the month or day, but I know it was 2008.. I was working on this one car and two cops walked in the shop, asking where Leonard was. Well I told them that he wasn't there, and they didn't mind me, they walked into my dad's office and shit got serious quick. Cops started yelling and I heard one of them on the radio wanting back up, well about a minute after that I heard a gun shot. Both cops went silent, my dad went silent. I didn't know what happened, so I went for the office. The two cops walked out and told me to evacuate from the premises. I just remember going into a rage. I knew what happened, they shot my fucking father, the man who was teaching me how to live a good life. I grabbed my heater and shot them both, and they never expected it. After I shot them I took off, not leaving any traces, I took all the info I needed with my name in it. So they wouldn't have a history of me ever working at that shop, or even have my name. It was on the news a while later, I was watching it from a friends house after I cleaned up and got outta' the shower. Whenever the reporter said they had no traces of who started the shooting, I knew I was in the clear, for now. I paid close attention to the investigation, while doing odd and end jobs. I know my dad would've wanted me to stay in the family business and work with all the guys he worked with, but I didn't want to. I made my move early 2018 after laying low for all those years. I left the big guy behind after making enough money to get the fuck out. I made my way to Los Santos. Whenever I got off the bus in Los Santos.. I actually ran into an old friend of mine, Aarian Hekmatyar. He told me to get in his Mercedes, which was a slick ride for the short time he had it. Took me to his place and I washed up, got settled in and he helped me around. He had a friend of his stop by, weird fucking Russian type dude or whatever, wanted me to call him guldbudden or something like that, gold button I guess? I don't know. I didn't care too much for the guy because he was fucking weird. The guy gave me a small garage down in East LS for me to stay in, and I owed him 10 grand for it.. I still owe him 10 grand to this day but the fuck won't get it from me. I actually started my own small mechanic shop there. Did some work on a few cars, made about 90 grand before I upgraded.. I moved into a different garage, and Aarian disappeared somewhere and I still have no idea where he went. Well I got in with this place called Sparta Inc. It was a very nice business honestly, I had a nice place to work in, a nice engine hoist, car dyno and all. I felt like it was paradise. Namira, she's an amazing girl... I honestly wish Charlie wasn't around because she needed a real man that could take care of her. Charlie was an arrogant prick, even though he wasn't a bad guy, I fuckin' hate his attitude. Tells me that he could've fucked me up several times but he couldn't handle the slightest of me. I made a lot of money working for Sparta.. I started to settle down a bit in a sense. I was driving back from work one night and these guys were parked outside my garage, had me a bit spooked because I just feel paranoid sometimes.. Well one of the guys, Anthony eventually became a good friend of mine. Asked them what the hell they was doing their, and they was just minding their business you know, said they had a garage around. Well I just got into deep conversation with them, they asked what I did and I told them I work on cars and shit. Well I was offered to help them transport a vehicle for them, because a friend of theirs went out of town. I took the offer and I think this was the best offer I've took. I used my flatbed with a guy named Greg, and we went out and snatched the car easily, but not before I fucked up the first time trying to prove myself the best or something.. Well after getting out of jail and all of that, Greg and I had no problem, pulled it up and took off. Quick and easy job, made about 20 grand doing that shit, probably more. I was starting to get a feel for it, the crime life.. It felt fucking amazing. I got down in my feelings, just your general depression and anxiety and all of that bullshit.. Just drinking and thinking. I kept thinking about my father. Felt like I let him down, and trust me, I did. I should've never left New Jersey and I should've stayed there to fulfill what he wanted me to do. I felt like a failure, and I still do. Though I was doing the exact same shit as I was doing in Jersey, scrapping cars, working in a small crew, I felt like I was amounting to nothing.. After that episode I had I was just pissed all the time, don't even know why. I just hated everything and everyone. I bought a gun from a random redneck who offered to sell it to me.. It was a Chrome revolver. After taking a look at the pistol, it reminded me of the day my dad shot that man in front of me. I sat there staring at it and I just couldn't help but to buy it.. After getting that feeling of pure cold steel in my hands, I felt powerful. I felt like someone knowing I had a good heater, and it reminded me of the day my life changed. Recently, I was down at the Marina with my El Camino I had for a while at a small car meet and to hang out with a few friends from Sparta, and this guy was parked in such a way, he was taking up two spots.. Kent and I started to push the car out of the way since the guy left it unlocked, and was trying to move it into the parking spot the right way.. Well the dumb fuck who owned the car started pushing my Camino away and nearly scratched the paint job.. The guy was started to piss me off real bad already. The guy went blabbing to the cops about something, saying that people was calling him retarded, and he was. After that I parked behind the guy just to be a dick, and the fucker decided to get in his car, and ram my El Camino, 3 fucking times. After seeing that the cops just sat there and watched it go down and they didn't do shit, I went after the guy. He was sittin' there laughin' at me while still fucking my car up, I just blacked out entirely.. I do remember pulling my heater and I took a few shots at him, I was screaming, I don't remember what I was saying, it was almost like a dream. The guy eventually made a turn headed towards Pershing Square and crashed in front of a building.. While he was just sitting there, I didn't hesitate to shoot him in the head. I didn't feel anything, I didn't gain anything from this, but I just drove away back to my garage and grabbed my Suzuki and took off.. Cop pulled me over and got my plates because I wasn't thinking straight and didn't remove them.. He told me to put my hands up. Yeah fuck that, I took off real quick and hit an ally where he couldn't fit and I was gone. I made my way out towards Palomino and pushed my bike into the water.. Threw the key and all with it. I ran into Palomino looking for someone to give me a lift or a clothes store, found neither.. Started walking back towards Los Santos after passing Montgomery where a RS Haul trucker stopped and offered me a lift. I got in and he took me to the Sparta HQ. I wrote a letter to Namira telling her how I would miss her, and that I'm sorry for betraying her. I thought about taking the Sparta helicopter and flying off with it, but I didn't want to risk putting them at fault.. So I just started walking towards the garage again. I hid for a whole day before coming out finally, riding my CR500 to the DMV to meet with this girl named Sofia about buying her Chevelle.. Well a cop rolled up and I got nervous, ready to grab my gun at any moment, and he got out and started talking to her. It was about her street racing or what not with some kid and I was relieved, I thought I was clear and they didn't know who did it.. Well that's when my old friend Logan came around... Garcia drove up to the scene while on duty as well and looked over me, and simply asked me to get onto the car and shit.. Well I knew I was fucked.. I was arguing with him, asking him why, just to buy time on whether or not I should kill my own friend or not. I finally just gave in because I couldn't see myself ending my own friends life.. He cuffed me and I got searched by the other officer, they took my gun and I was off to jail. "Yeah, I had no remorse for the prick who provoked me the whole way through. The cops didn't give enough of a shit to get off their fat asses and do something, so I did something." ~Vincent Lombardi Serving life in Prison for 2nd Degree Murder.

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