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  1. I like his videos, inspired by him :))) very good rper.
  2. It's filmed in other sever, but oh well, there you go :)!
  3. Information. Last Name: Priede First Name: Egils DOB: 03/03/1993 Race: Caucasian. Gender: Men. Birth Country: Latvia. Birth City: Jurmala. Scars, Marks and Tattoos. NCIC Code: 3510, 3530, 3560, 1201, 1314. 3510 - Cocaine-Sell. 3530 - Heroin-Sell. 3560 - Marijuana-Sell. 1201 - Robbery-Business-Gun. 1314 - Aggravated Assult-Gun. Description: Athletic male, left shoulder covered up with prison kind of tattoos. Sometimes can be very aggressive, usually working with the drug-selling and drug-making. Usually isn't traveling around. Male has been arrested in Latvia and in the USA. ((The character's story)) When Egils was a kid. When Egils was a kid, he was living in the Jurmala, but later he traveled to Riga. In Riga, Egils met his best friend Jezups and Intars, In the school, Egils had a problem with one bully terrorizing him, after couple years Egils was enough and he knocked out the bully, but he didn't want to fight with older boys, but he knocked out him. Egils was thrown out from the school and he was very sad about that. When Egils was a kid he was doing some drugs and alcohol (usually, he and his friends were doing drugs in the ''Stroika''), in one day he and his friends went joyriding. They stole an old car and started to driving around without any licenses and skills, later arrived police and he started to escaping, but Egil's driving skills were so bad that he after couple minutes crashed into a tree. Later he got arrested in the police department, but he was only 14 years old. Egil's first big problems in his life. After the accident with the car, Egils was sent to the kid's prison (colony). He needed to spend two years in the colony. He wasn't getting any warnings anymore, because before the accident he already had a warning about the doing cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and fighting. In the colony Egils learn the rules and fighting, he usually was fighting with other guys, he was an animal there. About the fighting to Egils gave another one year for the fighting in the prison. In the prison, Egils had a good reputation, but he was very mad and sad living there, he was thinking about his mother because his mother was very very sad about Egils. Later Egils met his friends - Intars and Jezups in the colony, after the meeting up them, he was a little bit happier about that, because he had friends there. When Egils spent these 3 years in the prison, he had 17. He went out from the prison and met his mother, he started crying, because he was very happy seeing his mother. When Egils didn't have any money after the releasing. When Egils was released from the prison, he and his mother didn't have any money, but his mother told him, so don't do these crimes anymore, but he didn't accept that. He was thinking about how to get the money, he didn't go to the school, he can't find the job and he didn't have the money. Egils released, that he will not find a normal job to get the money. So he thought, that he maybe can do an illegal job, to feed him and his mother. Egils had some friends from the colony who are doing business with the drugs and something else. So after that, he had a job. He was selling drugs. He was selling drugs for about two years when police caught him. And after that, he immediately got arrested. The NCIC codes were: 3510, 3530 and 3560. And Egils mother against was mad to him. But in his job, he was making money a lot. When Egils against was getting out from the prison, he against was doing the drug-selling job, but that job was really dangerous. Sometimes Egils was getting a lot of money, sometimes - 0. He thought, that the USA is the dream country and maybe he can get a real job. But he didn't find it, because his criminal record was very dirty. And now he's living in the USA, trying to make a money.
  4. I took some free stock videos and made something like this.
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