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  1. Name: privatesammeeh Bid: 2000
  2. bigtone

    [YouTube] Christmas Special - The Harlend Falls

    Username: nickisntfat Comment: rest in peace harlend πŸ™
  3. bigtone

    [Instagram] roova

    Username: nickaintfat Comment: bruh even i done more time than dis fake ass nigga πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€
  4. Name: privatesammeeh Bid: $1111
  5. bigtone

    [SOLD] Car - 1998 Cadillac Seville STS [ENDS: 2/12/2018]

    Name: privatesammeeh Bid: $1000
  6. Name: privatesammeeh Bid: $1100
  7. Name: privatesammeeh Bid: 1000$
  8. They exist in real life, and this would create more RP for prisoners, possibly the police department (checking calls for anything regarding illegal activities?) and a whole lot of screenshots could be made about prison. Overall, a very good idea.
  9. bigtone

    Elite Corporation

    (( this still in operation? @termosas ))
  10. bigtone

    Motorcycle - 2012 Honda NC700X [ENDS: 20.11.2018]

    (( f0k lock this @iii ))
  11. bigtone

    San Andreas Action news

    ah shi I climbed ontop of a roof because of the SUBWAY hint on that one briefcase yeah it was fine reading yo stuff
  12. bigtone

    [SAAN] The final article

    Name: immigrant Comment: so job is open for reporter??? beats cleaning store
  13. Los Santos Auction House - Motorcycle Vehicle year: 2012 Vehicle brand: Honda Vehicle make: NC700X VIN: 20488 Mileage: 20XX Description: A fine cruising motorcycle, good for going around the state and commuting. Very good on gas. Comes with a orange full-face helmet. Images https://i.imgur.com/5uS2p0E.jpg https://i.imgur.com/j3vQqFT.jpg Starting bid: 4000 Minimum increase: 100 Buyout: 6000 Auction end date: 20.11.2018 Contact details: 362741

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