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  1. bigtone

    Vehicles IRL?

    http://imgur.com/a/y9zvJop here's the whole three cars I got pics of that I've had except the vette which was my family's but I drove it for the summer 2007 Dodge Charger Daytona R/T Sublime (first car) sold 2013 Mercedes Benz E300 something I forgot the rest also sold no clue bout the vette's year never asked abt it and this one got crashed but not by me
  2. For everyone going on about this causing more lag: don't think a few more trees will destroy someones PC, if it could be tested if this causes significantly more lag than the vanilla map that'd be great. Maybe not necessarily use this mod but something else that adds a bit more forestry as it'd be nice to do any sort of hunting/offroading/hiking RP in a more dense forest + it looks better overall and it's more useful for criminals as well if it's more dense Edit: Did some quick research on the mod, apparently it doesn't affect the FPS (on singleplayer/vanill
  3. hold on hold on the thread said "high ranking soviet official" and right after that "russia" pick one, USSR or russia???
  4. Name: kanseiman Comment: i found my calling
  5. expecting the monster truck here @EPICxNUTS
  6. Name: kanseiman Comment: pass me the mileage or the first 2 numbers of it please
  7. Name: kanseiman Comment: update on ur info: there's like 2-3 of these cars in LS
  8. we only got red (whole milk) and light blue (skim milk?) and blue milk (semi-skimmed milk?) in finland i drink the blue one
  9. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Porsche Vehicle make: 911 GT3 VIN: Given if requested. Mileage: 7XX Description: Almost brand new and always handled well. Porsche made it good with this one, it's got a potent 4.0L V6 engine pushing ~500 horsepower, along with great handling and grip. Painted in Miami Blue. (( Made the auction again as the previous buyer was permabanned before he could purchase the vehicle )) Images Starting bid: 50000
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