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  1. alvn1226: why my man not famous yet 🤔🔥
  2. bigtone

    An importing issue.

    It's an OOC issue as it is an issue caused by the OOC rules regarding importing. If the dealership can literally not import it due to the OOC rules, what is there to do other than going OOC about it?
  3. bigtone

    An importing issue.

    Doesn't Dinoco have that your vehicle's value must exceed a certain amount of cash before it can be imported through them? I'm positive this is the case with a lot of the other importation companies too (+ the issue with being able to only import vehicles from before a certain model year with these ''junker'' dealers)
  4. bigtone

    An importing issue.

    I'd like to import a 2016 vehicle, a motorcycle/dirtbike, but it costs $5k used, and around $6-7k new. Can I import this in any way?
  5. bigtone

    Leopard Squad

    rare picture of leopard squad leader circa 2018
  6. bigtone

    [General] - Remove the vehicle script.

    sorry y'all about posting these in diff posts all the time, doing this stuff on phone rn and can't edit quotes into old posts dunno if people acc attend those lol People would not actually think the cars would be better because of the name, everyone would know that in terms of performance etc the model only would matter if this suggestion gets through. also could you care to explain what you regard as a "ricer"? thanks
  7. bigtone

    [General] - Remove the vehicle script.

    I see taxis everyday what you talking bout focusing on car RP does not kill RP. It's still RP to get mods etc. Installed to your car, and most people do this by contacting other players ICly, which in itself is RP. Car RP creates RP. It brings players who can actually RP installing shit to cars cash. I have not seen but a few people focused completely on cars while I've been on owl. It brings variety to have these scripts, but it doesn't kill the RP. Edit: removing these scripts would actually kill off a certain style of mechanic RP that a friend of mine actually does, and certainly more other people do too.
  8. bigtone

    [General] - Remove the vehicle script.

    lol I haven't lagged almost at all anyways is the amount of lag that people get from this simply unbearable and make RPing impossible? like do you actually have 20FPS when playing edit: regarding the subject, I highly enjoy seeing a large variation in cars, and having the stat variations is a good thing so the cars don't solely consist of the ones that are cheap and best, and that you can acc do RP with vehicles like switching motors, installing superchargers/turbos (WITHOUT BEING A RICER) etc and then you'll ICly get a faster/more well performing car with that too
  9. bigtone

    [YOUTUBE]: cops pulling over ed

    Name: alan1226abz Comment: free my man 🙏
  10. bigtone

    [YT]: eddy got tricks

    Name: alan1226abz Comment: this my man ayy 😂🤠

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