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  1. Auction ends in a few hours, last chance to place a bid.
  2. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2016 Vehicle brand: BMW Vehicle make: F82 M4 VIN: Hidden Mileage: 13984 Description: Well looked after 2016 M4. Two owners from new. Low mileage, top speed of 189k's. Starting bid: $39,500 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $48,500 Auction end date: 09/03/2019 5PM. Contact details: 477-166.
  3. We will be opening a workshop for our members to use, although you can contact us if you need mechanic work and we will find you the best mechanic for the job from our members directory.
  4. San Andreas Mechanics Union Who are we? We are a union of mechanics, dedicated to helping independent, and individuals who offer mechanical services across San Andreas. We offer a range of benefits, varying from discounts on 100,000+ parts, personalised job offers, and exclusive events. What are the benefits? We offer a huge range of benefits, including discounted ordering of parts* (Upto 25% off list price.). We also work with the public to find them the best mechanic for their desired work, increasing profits by on average 25%. We also wo
  5. For Max Brookes it is. 350$ is his life savings. On a serious note, I agree, It'd be nice to be able to re-texture interiors for a lower price, sometimes it can add up, for example, 10 different textures easily becomes 3.5k, which for some players is alot.
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