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  1. Auction ends in a few hours, last chance to place a bid.
  2. COIN-O-MATIC VENDING MACHINE COMPANY ALWAYS FRESH, ALWAYS STOCKED A perfectly operating vending machine is a result of fine engineering and expert application of technology. Vending machine automation is a systematic process which ensures its consistency and uninterrupted operation 24/7. When it comes to fully automated vending machines engineered for perfection, Coin-O-Matic Vending Co. is the undisputed leader in Los Santos. Boasting one of the largest vending machine networks in Los Santos. Professional service through cutting edge management system. Creating Vending for Future. OUR MISSION We at Coin-O-Matic Vending Company strive to provide satisfying, affordable and convenient services to our valuable stakeholders including customers and contractors while becoming the market leader as a competitive vending service provider in Los Santos" SERVICES We take pride in being the largest vending machine service provider in Los Santos specializing in setting up and maintaining glass front and stacked machines fully equipped with modern technology. Coin-O-Matic Vending Co. is in the front-line in the vending machine business in the region, which boasts a network of over 140 vending machines operating in Los Santos. Our speciality lies in the variety of the product series we offer including snacks and non-carbonated specials that are customer favourites. Having years of experience in the vending machine business, we have been able to develop a strategic system to ensure highest customer satisfaction through optimal product variability. Offering both Coca-Cola and Pepsi products, Coin-O-Matic Vending Machines serve’s a larger customer base. • Ensuring around the clock service. • A complete range of different vending machines from one supplier. • Keep our machines always stocked. • No Contracts. • Fast action on call service. GET IN TOUCH Email our head office at [email protected] ((Forum PM @Maximas))
  3. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2016 Vehicle brand: BMW Vehicle make: F82 M4 VIN: Hidden Mileage: 13984 Description: Well looked after 2016 M4. Two owners from new. Low mileage, top speed of 189k's. Starting bid: $39,500 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $48,500 Auction end date: 09/03/2019 5PM. Contact details: 477-166.
  4. ABOUT US Waste Away provide comprehensive waste management service and solutions to commercial and domestic customers on a 24 hour basis. Our experienced staff manage a fleet of modern lorries and provide a vast range of waste management and recycling solutions to businesses, and always aim to exceed your expectations. It is no coincidence that Waste Away have been entrusted with most of the major waste collection contracts in Los Santos and have a repeat business rate of almost 100%. We use latest recycling techniques and are able to sell 84% of our recycle material, we collect all general and specialized waste disposal, construction waste and demolition, liquid waste and any kind of industrial waste as well. Our well equipped and modernized fleet are able to deal with any of your waste needs, we operate a large fleet of vehicles on a 24/7 basis. OUR SERVICES We provide the following services for both commercial and domestic customers — • Industrial Waste Removal • Contaminated Waste Removal • Bricks and Rubble Removal • Garden Waste Removal • Household Waste Removal • Packaging Waste Removal • Factory Waste Removal • Special Waste Removal CAREERS We're not hiring at the moment. CONTACT Contact us on 477-166, or email [email protected] ((Forum PM @Maximas))
  5. Maximas

    I'm Back.

    hello nice to see you Nice to see you once again gimme a job please Nice to see you.
  6. Maximas

    I'm Back.

    After making a mistake and being banned, my life got busy, I'm now back and excited to be apart of the community again. Max lives on (for a while). It's great to see familiar faces, and I'm excited to RP with old friends again.
  7. The Brookes family announces with great sadness the loss of their un-loved father, Max, age 75, on 24th November 2018 They are raising funds for a funeral, aiming to raise $35,000. If you wish to donate, please transfer any sum, no matter how small to "7972 4991 7545 2090". All donators will receive a special thanks at the funeral.
  8. Name: Lewis Bid: Starting on number #2.
  9. Name: NotMaxBrookes1947 Comment: i agree much more interesting and i can afford a plastic cup when my disability benefits go in
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