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  1. Application for Employment Personal Information Full Legal Name: Lauren Richards Title (if any): Ms Sex: Female Phone Number: 648302 Date of Birth: 5/07/1992 Email Address: [email protected] Primary Home Address: Currently staying in temporary accommodation. Place of Birth (City, State/Province, Country): Los Santos, San Andreas Field applying for: Medical Doctor/Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Are you an American Citizen?: [ X ] Yes [ ] No Educational Experience Do you possess a high school diploma, GED, or equivilent?: [ X ] Yes [ ] No Have you obtained a college degree?: [ X ] Yes [ ] No If so, what type?: [ ] Associates Degree in : [Enter Degree Type Here] [ X ] Bachelors Degree in :MB ChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) [ ] Masters Degree in : [Enter Degree Type Here] [ ] Doctorate in : [Enter Degree Type Here] [ ] PhD in : [Enter Degree Type Here] If you obtained a college degree, where did you obtain it from?: Los Santos City College Legal Background Have you ever been convicted of a felony?: [ ] Yes [ X ] No If so, what felony or felonies were you convicted of?: Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor?: [ ] Yes [ X ] No If so, what misdemeanor or misdemeanors were you convicted of?: Do you understand that the Saint Ernest Medical Center (SEMC) reserves the right to have a random background check performed on you whilst employed by us or seeking to be employed by us?: [ X ] Yes [ ] No Cover Letter I'm a motivated individual, with the quick thinking and intelligent mindset needed to be a Medical Doctor. I've studied Medical Science at college, and hold a Diploma for it, I then went onto studying Medicine & Surgery at the Lost Santos University, before flying out to Nevada, where I worked as a General Practitioner at a doctors office. I am an extremely caring individual, not only caring for myself, but my job, and the people that I treat. I always put others first, and ensure any of my patients get the best treatment, and are always kept happy and upto date. Legal Waiver By signing this form, I, the applicant, understand that any injury, death, or illness that duty may incur whilst incumbent of the Saint Ernest Medical Center, is of no liability towards the company, or its' constituents/subordinate members. I also herein consent to any legal background checks, urinary, blood, or drug testing samples of otherwise, that may be conducted whilst pursuing employment, or maintaining employment status. Signature: L. Richards Date: 06/10/2018 I, the applicant, also herein understand that any damages that may occur to property, life, psych, or social status whilst employed by the hospital, are not thus responsibilities to be bore by Saint Ernest Medical Center. Signature: L. Richards Date: 06/10/2018 I, the applicant, also understand that I am to render assistance to all those willing, despite any personal vindictive grudge, views, traditions, or customs, to any individual in need. I also understand that patients/victims reserve the right to refuse any treatment or assistance at any point, and I am to cease and desist at aforementioned point, whilst providing waiver of departure towards the afflicted refuser. Signature: L. Richards Date: 06/10/2018 Finally, I, the applicant, understands and agrees to adhere to all policies, ethos, codes, and procedures that are standard to the Saint Ernest Medical Center, with failure subject to penalty of termination of employment, revocation of benefits, as well as docking of pay. Signature: L. Richards Date: 06/10/2018 OOC Information Username: LewisGazzard Age: 19 Faction History: Worked in BoTS & Gov on alt's. Hours: 890 Prior Characters: Max Brookes, Lewis Gazzard, Jon Sladen, Fred Connors Discord name: Lewis Gazzard#5217 Admin History: https://owlgaming.net/mta/history/eyJ1c2VyX2lkIjoxMjUwMzN9:1g8qMY:P-qJ-SWREW_DO5TRvcb3P4aA8fw/ Do you possess any OOC knowledge which will help you in the position which you are applying for with us? If so, briefly elaborate: Studied Medical Science at college, obtaining a Merit overall.
  2. Maximas

    Show yourself!

    jks this is me
  3. Maximas

    [Items] - Reduce the price of wallpapers

    For Max Brookes it is. 350$ is his life savings. On a serious note, I agree, It'd be nice to be able to re-texture interiors for a lower price, sometimes it can add up, for example, 10 different textures easily becomes 3.5k, which for some players is alot.
  4. Maximas

    Car - 2014 Dodge Charger R/T [ENDS: 04.10.2018]

    Name: Max Bid: 29000
  5. Maximas

    Car - 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD [ENDS: 04/10/18]

    Name: Max Bid: $45000
  6. Maximas

    Car - 2016 Cadillac CTS-V [ENDS: 10/5/2018]

    Name: Max Bid: Starting
  7. Maximas

    [SAAN] Killer clown in Los Santos

    Username:Max Comment: That fucker, ill get him for you x
  8. Name: Max Bid: Offering $15,000
  9. Name:Max Bid: Starting x
  10. Maximas

    Max's Garage

    Established 2018. About Max's Garage is the most up to date and unequipped specialist car repair and tuning centre. A family run business with two generations of experience in the motor repair and servicing industry. Max's Garage prides itself on offering unrivalled levels service, some technical knowledge and a bit of customer care at backstreet garage prices. An efficient modern approach combined with the latest 1990's workshop technology allows us to keep costs down when servicing and repairing your vehicle. For those of you, like ourselves, that want a little bit more (or maybe a lot more) from your road or track day cars, we have a wealth of knowledge regarding how to make it go faster, sound better, stop later, turn sharper and look fantastic. Whether it’s a full engine or turbo conversion, suspension overhaul, rollcage installation, brake upgrade or any other modification we can always help. We’ve completed so many performance upgrades and conversions we know which way to steer you in your quest for the ultimate in style and performance. Max's Performance Parts Find all your track/race car preparation, track day supplies, and performance part requirements for your vehicle(s). Whether it’s a single K-nut, or a custom big brake conversion, we cater to your demands. If there’s something you need that we haven’t listed, a question answered or piece of advice, the experts at Max's Performance Parts are here to help. We’re also proud to stock Power Maxed professional car cleaning and care products. Are you a garage/mechanic? Use Max's Performance Parts for your parts and get 25 percent off any price you find online! We offer same day delivery and a full money back guarantee! To get in touch, contact sales at - [email protected] ((Forum PM @Maximas)) Or call 477-166.
  11. Maximas

    Car - 2018 BMW 333i wagon [ENDS: 3th October 2018]

    Name: Max Bid: Buyout plus $5000 mothafuckers.
  12. Maximas

    [SAAN] Torture in the middle of Los Santos

    Name: max Comment: as head of security, i give you a job
  13. *Max walks into the room, sighing at Vincent, before sitting next to Namira*

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