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  1. The Right Turn Thing are going smoothly for Terry and his friends.They have found a purpose with their life. They've managed to convince Manny to invest in their business. With Manny's help, they bought a new building in Los Santos to set up their head office. Also with Terry's work at DCS he was able to help the company financially, maybe a little bit, but he did his small part. Terry always had a dream of buying a vintage American muscle car. Through his hard work he was able to earn some amount and get himself an awesome 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. Things have been never better.
  2. good luck mates.Take it far
  3. New Horizon Terry and his friends are planning to start a good business firm.They had Tony to do all the legal and paper works. Walt handled the sales and looked for investors.Bruno and Terry decided to support them financially and so they started searching for a job. Bruno approached the FD while Terry applied for a job as a DCS courier. He always had a keen interest in trucking and luckily he got the job. Now he's determined to make something out of his pathetic life.
  4. Name : Terrence Howlett Age : 26 DOB : 18/06/1993 Backstory Terrence "Terry" Howlett, born 18th of July 1992 ,was the only son of Jacob and Maria Howlett.Jacob was in the U.S army, so he was always away from his son Terry in his childhood. They lived in Angel Pine where Maria worked in a local 24/7. Jacob didn't have enough time to spent with his son due to his work. So whenever he came home he took Terry and traveled around the place, bought him toys and other gifts. But disaster hit the Howlett family when Jacob died in a car accident in1997. Unaware of what to do, Maria took then four year old Terry and moved to San Fierro. During his time in San Fierro Terry completed his studies and acquired a Bachelors degree in English from the San Fierro University. He also worked part time to financially support his mother. When Terry was 25 years old, Maria was diagnosed with a kidney failure and required surgery. Terry desperately looked for money, he worked day and night to save his mother, but he couldn't.Maria passed away in November 2019. Left alone, Terry was pushed into a depression. After thinking a lot he finally decided to move back to Angel pine. Roy and the Jackals After arriving at Angel Pine Terry bought a Harley and started roaming around. He went to places where his father used to take him when he was a child. He was also in search for a job, that's when he met Roy. Roy Baker was the president of the Jackals motorcycle club. They became good friends. Roy offered Terry a job in the clubhouse which he gladly accepted. After a while Terry started helping Roy in his garage, doing small works such as repainting cars and applying tints.After a while Terry was prospected into the club.Roy always guided him in his life like an elder brother. They had a brotherly bond. But that bond didn't last long as the club business lead to Roy being killed. Roy's death was a huge hit on Terry. He was again left in the dark unaware of what to do. Melendez connection Bruno Melendez was another friend that Terry found in Angel pine. Bruno also had a close relation with Roy. Seeing that Terry was troubled with Roy's death Bruno decided to help him. Bruno was planning on starting a business in which he offered Terry a job. Feeling he has left nothing else to do Terry joined Bruno in a new business work..
  5. good luck brother
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