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  1. Sure thing, good looking out mate
  2. In the beginning Name: Edward Flynn DOB: 07/18/1995 Parents: Andrew Flynn(late),Lisa Flynn Siblings:Jacob Flynn(late),Jane Flynn Hometown: El Qubrados The Flynn house,located in El Qubrados was shocked by that news,'Jacob is dead'.Both his bike and body was found beneath the river near palomino creek.Now they are unaware of what to do.Lisa is heartbroken her illness is developing as she is getting older.Something must be done.Eddie was their only hope and he knew it but they where not ready to send him into Los Santos.They can't loose him too.But Eddie was determined.He wanted to know the truth,he wanted to know what happened to Jacob.So he took his Harley and headed to Los Santos.Now he has to look after his mother and his sister Jane.They where counting on him.So now he is in Los Santos,in his destiny
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