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  1. uat on crack or something?
  2. *The following image would be posted on user FILTHY424DON's mystory, only the people on his friend list can view it.*
  3. *Following video would be geotagged in Jefferson and could be viewed by anyone, the audio would play OhGeesy - Home Invasion in the background.*
  4. thou has't made a valiant effort
  5. might actually get somewhere now that you dropped the weight, good luck hermano
  6. Ambidextrous

    Wright DTO

    Upon associating yourself with the Wright DTO on an interpersonal or criminal level you automatically agree to a Character Kill clause, the leadership of Wright DTO reserve the right to CKing your character for any reason they seem necessary. You also automatically give consent to all forms of disgusting roleplay.
  7. Username: John Doe Comment: ill uck you in tehn ass stpod NIGGER
  8. If Beta's reply is deleted, it will merely further the point of AT’s incompetence to take in criticism.

    1. Flluroz


      norm the paki killed owl rip

    2. Ambidextrous


      @Flluroz he barely did shit look at his fatass lmfao it's the people above him who did the damage

  10. free eoozy #finnishlivesmatter @Chaoson big homie

    1. fluX


      i support this massage


    2. sHR00OOM
    3. Ambidextrous


      he said "owl is dead" on forums and got put in a cage,,, daym

  11. Like all good things come an end, so does the S/S Asian Boyz 1226. Our journey has been truly amazing and I'd like to thank everyone who was with us and especially the ones who contributed to our success and were here until the end. @eoozy @bigtone @klippan @senseidoge @KomuroYakatashi @SexyStakk @GenuinePork @loggi @yasooo @Beta @fluX @Strapped @Fuzion. I'd also like to thank our very helpful friend from the Faction Team, @MrFocus who was with us nearly from the beginning. S/S Asian Boyz 1226, 6.10.2018 - 2.4.2019. 1life2live26icc to die
  12. bro get rid of that ifp errtime i see it i want to slap the dog shit out of you

  13. hAvE yOu TrIeD tURnINg It On AnD oFf?
  14. Ambidextrous

    213 Hoodlums

    Nice screens
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