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  1. In that case, good luck & take it far.
  2. Grammatically incorrect name, outdated ranks. If you'd like to discuss EOC, I could give you some advice over discord.
  3. 5fingerposse cash souls 4 da toll

  4. Username: HenryStrickland Comment: lit... fuck mainstream rap man... remebmer me hen you blow up,, true ug devlish sthit
  5. For some reason, fencing is limited to official factions. That needs a re-do, I mean really, who benefits from it more? A street/youth gang or a cartel? You wont see a cartel stealing grills and tables from someones backyard.
  6. Rped pulling a chair from another table.
  7. Love how I know people who've been banned for driving around like lunatics in LV but apparently it's allowed. Chaos really out here changing the rules.



    1. Resident


      Report him like you reported @Destroyed , I saw the staff report.

    2. Ambidextrous


      Afaik most of them got banned and the admin was reported by another player.

    3. PornMaster


      Got banned for that too, I have to wait from February to July now. 

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  8. @Mogs Why are you leaking admin logs? Peep that thumbnail everyone.
  9. [English] Markese Wright says: This is really impressive.
  10. big respect to @Zuclya man got out of bed to take my report

    1. Zuclya


      @Ambidextrous Haha no biggie mate, that's what I'm here for :)


    2. TheNeonGuy


      My mate @Zuclyadeserves respect, it takes great courage to do that. 💪🏻

    3. Zuclya


      @TheNeonGuy @Ambidextrous Ahh you guys are making my day! ❤️

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