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  1. Imo shouldn't really judge if you haven't tried it, but yeah let's not derail this thread any further, good luck to the owner of the faction.
  2. Perhaps you've rped with the wrong people. Like in LS-RP, owl too has it's share of bad apples. I've had mostly pleasant experiences in LS-RP, rp quality-wise
  3. Cool banner, should fix some typos in the thread tho. Take it far.
  4. nah welcome back to you bruh you havent posted shit in like a year
  5. Good start, only good OMG player on owl atm.
  6. just kiss me already

    1. Beta


      u niggas gay! gay illegal @DrJoseEviI

    2. DrJoseEviI


      please say no homo or else you will be banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    3. Devonshire
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