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  1. the don of the braggo crime family drives a taxi for a living omegalul
  2. in the presence of the cambodia town grim reaper @senseidoge
  3. I think that this is an extremely naive statement, there will always be corrupt administrators. Most aren't demoted since there is just no solid evidence of them metagaming and such, a great example of an admin like this would be Destroyed, who was an admin for like a year and was recently kicked out due to a ticket on him with evidence that dated back to last year. They are like roaches, you see one and you know there's a million others crawling within the walls and cracks.

    1. eoozy


      when your mans got shot yall niggas hit the stu

  5. never said that Eoozy didn't say shit, I was the one who ONCE said please hurry with the lines, I didn't force you, I didn't spam it, I asked once since you really were taking your time. You said that the crash was "not so convenient anymore when you had to pick it up and steal it". Hold on, what? I already admitted that me taking the bike was poor rp, and that's on me, and I previously even stated that I'd give it back, of course since it was totaled. I'm not even gonna start with this "haha these guys need a deagle and half a clip so bad x--DDD!" shit, grow up. Y
  6. good point. i can have an admin return it.
  7. That's EXACTLY what they said lol goddamn it. >hit a pole >bike goes through it >dont rp unconsciousness >rp getting up less than 2 minutes after the fatal crash >cry about getting robbed on forums >cry about people not being realistic are you seriously lying about a situation on forums? you drove into a pole, hit it, didnt rp injuries and argued that your bike could fly through a pole, and you have the audacity to complain about realism? LOL your argument was already proven to be stupid and unrealistic by the admin on the scene, and you doubl
  9. lyrics: clevo hamilton clevon hamtlon clevon clevon clevon clevon vclevon hamilton vlecvon milton

    1. babyG


      welcome to the club shareef towns

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