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  1. Because one of the reasons apparently for my CK was that I would've known their faces. How is it my problem that they chose to chase me without masks? They could've put on a ski mask in their cars and chased me down. Just feels like they left their masks in their pockets just so they'd have an extra reason to go for a Character Kill. Let's look at the situation when I was brought to the house and tied up. Kidnappers were very open, some names were mentioned too. It's obvious that the plan was to fish some information out of me and quickly PK me, to avoid any backlash from the kidn
  2. Alright, let's deconstruct that segment. "We were hunting for Clevon Hamitlon, and it appeared you knew his location." They explained this by saying that I drove past his house when they were snooping around the street, and came to the conclusion that it wasn't suspicious. However, when I inquired Craazy why I was kidnapped, he told me that I was seen at PP and near Clevon's house. This mysterious blue sedan, I don't even know who it belongs to, as like I've stated, I don't know anyone that drove a blue sedan at the time. Then they said that they finally d
  3. If you'd read my response with thought you'd understand that in all scenarios, I was basically picked for driving around my home district, that being East Los Santos.
  4. I've never owned a blue sedan on Matvei and I can't recall anyone else driving one. Also, I think it is clear as day that the reasoning for the kidnapping was driven by OOC knowledge, you saw me drive past person X's house, and parked in front of a club that most of the people in Little Moscow visit. Then you saw me drive by a VERY busy street in East Los Santos (which is the ward where Matvei lives), that being Carson Street, as it holds one of the bridges that lead to Idlewood, which we all know is frequented by majority of the servers players. Anyone could've been there. The gr
  5. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- nuudeli Character Name- Matvei Dobrolyubov Date of Incident- 09/06/2018 Supervising Administrator- FAILCAKEZ Narrative- On 1.9.2018. I was kidnapped by several members of Eight Deuce Hoovers, keep in mind that these people kidnapped me unmasked. I was brought to a house in blueberry, where I was tied and searched for items, the kidnappers proceeded to interrogate me, I was trying to act as if I was a harmless Russian immigrant. On the first day, nothing happened other than some questioni
  6. @Lartsa Sincerely the best. He's paving the way for the future admi- oh.
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