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    the most inaccurate mtg card yet
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    @DaLuppo you lowkey have no aim 10-2 lmaooooooooooooooo
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    image is not dylanw in real life just some random fat dude I pulled from google @DylanW
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    This thread is dedicated to the exposure of custom MTG cards directed towards the Staff Team of OwlGaming. Please keep in mind that this thread is satiric in its nature and should not be considered serious by anyone. If locked/deleted, it will merely further the point of AT’s incompetence to take in criticism. Please keep comments to the minimum, don't post useless shit to clutter up the thread. @guntars
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  14. Eastern European Organized Crime (EOC) in today's America (OVERSIMPLIFIED) Due to the recent spike in Eurasian illegal roleplay in Owlgaming, I've decided to write a short beginners guide to understanding EOC, as there are several misconceptions regarding the subject. This guide will not be a handbook for creating a character, but to better understand the difference between modern EOC groups and more familiar criminal groups like La Cosa Nostra organizations. Origins EOC groups are extremely diverse and have always consisted of very mixed members from different countries in the former Eastern Bloc, from Russia, Baltic States, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, ex-Yugoslavia, central Asia, Czech Republic and the Caucasus. (Probably missed some countries and regions, soz) Following the international condemnation of the Soviet reaction to Dymshits-Kuznetsov hijacking affair in 1970, the Soviet Union temporarily loosened emigration restrictions for Jewish emigrants, which allowed nearly 250,000 people to leave the Eastern Bloc as an effort to escape antisemitism. A sizable percentage of the emigrants fled to Israel, but the majority went to the United States where they received the status of political refugees. It is important to know that the immigration waves have since drastically died down, and for the majority it'd be wise to roleplay a 2nd Generation Russian, since the last large immigration wave ended in 1992 after the fall of The Soviet Union. With EOC being so diverse, grudges between cultures as old as time came with, i.e. Nagorno-Karabakh War (conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan) and both Chechen wars. Certain groups just don't mix well together, although Chechen's tend to work with Russian's on some level, the Chechen's are known as the professional killers in the EOC culture, and to quote @LokiHavok, they are usually kept at an arm's length and only used when needed. In short, EOC groups tend to be very diverse even though there have been numerous conflicts between different cultures within the EOC countries. When enough money is involved, old grudges will be put aside. Structure The structure within EOC groups usually confuse people who are new to this subculture of criminal phenomena, since in reality EOC groups actually lack structure. Most organized criminal organizations are expected to have strict and complex ranks, for example, the LCN organizations have the Boss, the Underboss, the Captains and so on, while the EOC's often form Ad Hoc groups where professional criminals band together to form temporary criminal cells to make money. These groups are usually created within EOC communities, as the EOC network (sometimes referred to as the Vorovskoy Mir, "Thieves World") is extremely large. They are based on experience, there is always a leader, usually the one with the most respect from his peers or experience. Crude image by the author to display an example of a temporary EOC cell. Obviously, gangs exist and they will always exist within the EOC community, but these gangs tend to be small in numbers and usually specialize in certain fields, these gangs are kept in harmony by the most respected members of the community, in example, the Vor V Zakone are seen as the absolute leaders within EOC communities. Modus Operandi Everyone has their bread and butter, for LCN it's labor racketeering, gambling and loan sharking, for EOC the textbook operations include Medicare/Medicaid fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft, money laundering, counterfeiting, welfare fraud or other schemes that target government sponsored programs. "The Russians didn't come here to enjoy the American dream, they came here to steal it." - New York State tax agent Roger Berger. Eurasian groups have gained a lot of notoriety for ATM skimming and medicare fraud. The EOC groups blend financial sophistication with stomach-turning violence, they are known for being ruthless to whoever stands in their way and for not following any "rules" like the LCN groups do. For example, the American Mafia tends to avoid murdering civilians to avoid attracting heat, whereas the EOC groups don't have a code that prevents them from doing so, the EOC groups maintain their position in the underworld with fear. Violence is a very important tool in the EOC culture, it can be used to boost ones reputation within their peers, it can be used to victimize people and to extort, it's a multi-tool that is a necessary part of EOC groups. Tips for beginners I encourage people interested in the subject to read "Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America" I discourage people from roleplaying as communists, the era of communism resulted in millions of innocent civilians getting murdered and wrongfully imprisoned. If you have a proper reasoning to roleplay being a communist, have at it, but like I've stated in the beginning, majority of the Russians that arrived in America were capitalist Jews. I encourage people to roleplay as second generation Russians as the major immigration waves have ended a long time ago. Don't use Wikipedia as a guide for modern EOC roleplay, it is extremely inaccurate. Vodka is not the only thing that Russians drink. Gopniks have nothing to do with Eastern European Organized Crime. Eastern Promises does not portray a Russian Organized Crime Group at all. Mark Galeotti's "In Moscow's Shadows" blog is very informative on Eastern European Organized Crime.

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