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  1. @Script Lock and archive this, we merged with Marina Connection.
  2. You can send all inquiries to [email protected] (( forum PM @Aegaios )) regarding information/offers/employment.
  3. This faction is meant to portray a realistic and modern Cosa Nostra organization. If you have any questions or would like to join please do contact @Aegaios. Upon associating with this faction and/or receiving a role in our discord you are the immediate subject to a CK clause.
  4. We're going to be taking a pause for now with posting screenshots. Until we can sort out some faction issues internally.
  5. Yeah, still looking for some more active members.
  6. Posting new screenshots later today.
  7. "Respect is the key to peace and harmony." What is Il 'Ndrangheta? The 'Ndrangheta is an organised crime group originating from the Calabrian region of Italy, of which is a different form of the Italian mafia, with an independent power structure and agenda, and is not the typical organisation among the likes of the Sicilian mafia or the Camorra. In other words, the 'Ndrangheta are a mix of both, with the families which also share a similar pyramid rank structure to that of the Sicilian mafia, and the independent leadership to that of a Camorra clan. Due to the independent nature of the Ndrangheta, this leads to occasional but violent feuds for power. While the group is not as famous as the Sicilian mafia, it's still considered a dangerous and infamous force to be reckoned with, as in 2010 it had accounted for 3% of Italy's GDP through extortion, narcotics smuggling & trafficking as well as money laundering. Caserta Lorenzo Casertano had been born into a middle-class family in Caserta, Campania, Italy, in 1988. Times had been tough during the 28 odd years of his life in Italy with the goons who wandered the streets for fresh meat to the squatters just looking for an open door to squeeze through, to the diminishing financial state of his family. As expected. he was to study hard and earn his living through honest ways, to never commit the sin of theft whether it be a life or a single lira, whom his devoted-catholic father would preach to him every night. Lorenzo wondered so much about America, the other side, the place of free will and true capitalism. This was of course frowned upon in places like Campania, as the saying went from France to Italy, "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't." It was not until Lorenzo turned the age of 19 where he would have found a decent income, which he found in a deli/restaurant known as Ristorante Deliziosa as a waiter and later as a cook. His learning from the local chefs had given him skill in cooking meals largely with meat diets. A year before his leaving when he was 27, an event shook his view of the world forever when several tall men had entered the small business he worked in, demanding to see the owner. As the owner appeared, one of the men grabbed him by the collar forcefully, basically dragging him behind him towards the back room and into the freezer, the men followed them. Lorenzo decided to follow them to see what his employer could've possibly done to deserve such insolence. He could hear the cries of his boss, and the chuckling of the men as thumps and wailing and "where's the money you owe me?" could be heard from the freezer. 5 minutes later, the men open the door to the freezer and begin to leave before giving looks at Lorenzo, who couldn't stop staring at the wad of cash and bloodied pipe one of the men carried as they left. 1990, Lorenzo decides to leave his family behind in Campania, Italy, to pursue the American dream. He spends the next 2 years studying the English language and earning money doing small-time jobs, mostly part-time. He assumes the name Frank to try to become more like an American, and becomes Frank Casertano. When Frank turned 30, he opened his deli, Ganton Butchers, on 1762 Atlantica Avenue in Willowfield. A few questionable associates arrive in San Andreas, pledging their loyalty and commitment to Frank and his family, forming the Il Caserta Crimine Famiglia, or The Caserta Crime Family. OOC Information All of the content posted here about/for the faction is OOC Italian-American characters are preferred but not limited to to join this faction CK Clause Upon associating with this faction or by joining it's ranks, you agree to be CKed at any time at the leader's discretion and participate in mildly disturbing roleplay.
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