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  1. Wallaby

    Majesty Auto Glass

    Now it looks like Wil-I-am Teeheee!
  2. Wallaby

    Majesty Auto Glass

    Good luck, but that character picture does look like Jared fogel xD
  3. Wallaby

    Smiths Corporation

  4. Wallaby

    [VMing Drugs] - New Rule

    I like that idea +1
  5. Name: Zhi Comment: Thank you for visiting the Dragon's Lair. We also provide free drinks at the venue, for more details call 477706.
  6. Wallaby

    [STATE] The People v. Klara Foxten [7/01]

    *Klara meekly shook her head side to side in a no manner* "Nothing from me, either." @ThatGuy
  7. Wallaby

    Car - 2017 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Estate [ENDS: 19/07/2018]

    Name: Anonymous Bid: $51,000
  8. Wallaby

    Max picks up chicks in his new Bugatti.

    Name: 489 Comment: Delete this now or be prepared to face the consequences.
  9. Name: Zhi Bid: $45,000 (offer)
  10. Wallaby

    [STATE] The People v. Klara Foxten [7/01]

    *Klara stands up, frowning at Angus* "Whilst I admit my driving wasn't the greatest that day, I was calm and cooperative with the officer, I just felt more comfortable having him at arms length, as I stated before, I have had horrible experiences with men, and I do not feel comfortable with them coming too close to me. I felt and still do feel distraught from the officer man handling me, I think it was irresponsible of him to take such actions rather then to talk to me calmly like I did with him." *She'd sit back down, crossing her arms* @ThatGuy
  11. Wallaby

    Liǎng tiáo lóng (two dragons)

    She is so young as the expansion to the USA was urgent, and she was the only eligible candidate.
  12. Wallaby

    Liǎng tiáo lóng (two dragons)

    Its simpler then a logo with two dragons, it is more recognizable
  13. Wallaby

    Liǎng tiáo lóng (two dragons)

    @Diogo Keep on cutting the other toes

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