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  1. ((She was 16 when this court started, 19 when she was CKed))
  2. ((Yes but I presume this is one event so happened before the CK, when she was still 16.))
  3. He called me....And I said apart from him hitting and restraining me.
  4. He wasn't harsh to me apart from hitting me in the head to knock me out, but I felt very scared once I was restrained. I don't remember how I got his number
  5. Wallaby

    The Engine Shop

    Here at the engine shop, we offer a variety of engines for sale, delivery is included with no extra charge. We are a flexible, and understanding company, that believes in fair pricing, for a fantastic product. The prices shown are negotiable, and returning customers do receive lower prices. We are an online business, so viewings of the engines prior to the purchase is not possible. Current stock: N/A
  6. Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: 1361 Cypress Road, Montgomery Description: Beautiful fully furnished rustic styled bar. Perfectly fitting in Montgomery, further more this business also boasts large signage outside, along with a few unique features, such as the drinking deer outside the front door! Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 25,000 Minimum Increase: 1,000 Buyout: 50,000 Auction ends: 22/10/18 Contact Information: Don't hesitate to call 549-291 for more information, or to book a personal viewing.
  7. Well I think it is still broken. I was out for 30 minutes, caught 3 fish, and that sells for $10.... I think thats a bit mad.
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