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  1. Definitely an upgrade from the previous LCN guide no offense to who wrote it but they lacking
  2. Rogan

    Max picks up chicks in his new Bugatti.

    Name: Good Immigrant Comment: How are you going to pay for your weekly medication now?
  3. Rogan

    Los Invisibles de San Andreas

    paranormal activity 5 good luck
  4. I think the suggestion was made so that you don't have to do exactly that.
  5. Rogan

    Show your setup!

  6. Rogan

    ERP - ESEX

    i say shoot the bitches
  7. Rogan

    Fame St. Crew

    hell no
  8. Rogan

    Tribute to X...

  9. Rogan

    Tribute to X...

    What did you expect from any of the posts you made let alone the topic? This guy was seen differently by everyone and you now you're playing the fucking victim because people started posting their opinions on this dude and because of that you started going on about shit that isn't even relevant here like Islamophobia and racism. If you're going to post about someone/something that's controversial, be prepared to start seeing all kinds of viewpoints on it.
  10. Rogan

    Tribute to X...

    inb4 being put on trial for beating his pregnant gf 🤔 Why do folks keep saying that he was "turning his life around"?
  11. Rogan

    Tribute to X...

    Good fucking riddance
  12. Rogan

    Il Caserta Crimine Famiglia

    @Unitts Frank replied.
  13. Rogan

    Pasadena Boulevard Crew

    Dedicated people are involved, good luck to us all.
  14. Rogan

    Baltic Criminal Nation

    Screens are nice and all but you should show more of you and your shady deeds rather than gangbangers fighting each other.

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