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  1. A ricer will buy, sell, mod, or trade anything with wheels and just come on Owl and grind their ass off. As long as you're not statwhoring and using that love for cars to your char developement then you're not really a ricer. You can roleplay as a ricer just as long as you know that there are other forms of rp other than just /lean against your car in the Pizza Stacks customer parking. That's where the cringe is.
  2. me when i saw post title
  3. so IGD's leadership dies, and the first thing you're doing is branching out good luck i guess
  4. It's going to take a lot more to get people to drop everything to move across the other side of the city to the piers and the Marina if you want to get something started there. If you look at the stuff that some of the admins decided to do like the East Los Santos Experiment or the Go West Project they provide styles of roleplay so they fit the setting. Idlewood is the hub of Owl because it's smack in the centre where there's a variety of gangs ricers and business people all in one neighbourhood. If you give people a reason to move their roleplay to the marina it could work, whether it's likely I don't think so.
  5. Updated, added more background to the character's youth.
  6. trust me this looks way better when ur actually in the house
  7. so despacito 3 wasnt found on mars it was found in Owl
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