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  1. so despacito 3 wasnt found on mars it was found in Owl
  2. Agree with @Vubstersmurf, admins should be the only ones watching over situations where the player is asking to be revived. You're going to have non-rp deaths but that's not enough to give these kinds of perms to a department this public. -1
  3. Name: Good Immigrant Comment: Is this a jOkE?
  4. I think the suggestion was made so that you don't have to do exactly that.
  5. Rogan

    ERP - ESEX

    i say shoot the bitches
  6. I think the point of the rule is that as gas stations and other government buildings/organisations would have to be built per regulations and codes that they would end up having to have those installed anyway, considering by law you must have this equipment installed and these are gov't. structures. I'm not sure if these laws apply to Owl or if they exist here but that is what I'm assuming. I do agree with @croozerdog though so for that +1.
  7. right but the question is, how do dead people roleplay?
  8. that is the function. When killed you are just lying there unless you make a report for an admin to revive you or you accept your death. You are already 'knocked out'
  9. +1 No change in anything but the description of the "age" in /look, perfect suggestion.
  10. Yeah no and if you do this Scott Bishop will come to collect
  11. new faction coming maybe

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