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    ABOUT US Whatever your specific monitoring question, your Ace Security employee has been trained to be an absolute added value to your company. An employee of Ace Security is the face of your company or event. That's why we do not use cowboys. But professionals with knowledge of people who act diplomatically and discreetly and judge a situation quickly and correctly. And yes ... they are also physically in top form. We select our employees with care and continuously screen them for social skills, conflict management, radio communication, alertness and flexibility. This way you can always and everywhere leave 100% of their commitment and insight. TRAINING Unfortunately, we have to conclude that aggression is a phenomenon that has grown together with our current society. Personnel will sooner or later have to deal with people who act aggressively in one way or another. How to deal with this is therefore important for all employees. During this course the different forms of aggression are explained on the basis of theory and practical examples. You learn to understand the body language better and discover signs of aggression more quickly. All sorts of tips and tricks are also offered to respond in an adequate but above all in a safe manner. During the theoretical part, the psychology behind aggression is demonstrated, the physical reactions are cited and how to recognize them, both in yourself and in others. The practical part teaches you how to deal with verbal aggression and some basic techniques are taught in the context of physical defense techniques. Practical examples are quoted on the basis of role plays and simulation victims. HOW TO CONTACT US ✆ 409646 ✉ ((discord: swetakaas01#1942))
  2. Los Santos Auction House - Car http://topclassiccarsforsale.com/uploads/photoalbum/1994-toyota-supra-twin-turbo-auto-bone-stock-twin-turbomkiv-supra-1.jpg Vehicle year: 1994 Vehicle brand: Supra Vehicle make: Toyota VIN: 12924 Mileage: 115543 Description: Year: 1994 Make: Toyota Model: Supra Also has custom plate ORG45M Engine size: 3.0L 2997CC l6 GAS DOHC Turbocharged Power options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats Number of cylinders: 6 maximum speed is 205kpm Images https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/437714894259748894/439204216658198535/mta-screen_2018-04-27_00-31-34.png?width=1168&height=657 Starting bid: 1$ Minimum increase: 1000$ Buyout: 75000$ Auction end date: 29/04/2018 Contact details: phonenumber is 653660
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