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  1. Bump. Currently SS is leading with 12 000.
  2. Bump. Currently D.Branwen is leading with 16 000.
  3. Los Santos Auction House - Aircraft Vehicle year: 1967 Vehicle brand: Cessna Vehicle make: 150 VIN: 12529 Mileage: 2870 Description: - Images Starting bid: 5 000 Minimum increase: 1 000 Buyout: 40 000 Auction end date: 25/06/2018 Contact details: Given to winner
  4. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2004 Vehicle brand: GMC Vehicle make: Sierra 1500 SLT VIN: 14253 Mileage: 183 932 Description: - Images Starting bid: 5 000 Minimum increase: 1 000 Buyout: 30 000 Auction end date: 25/06/2018 Contact details: Given to winner
  5. Wibby

    Los Depredadores 13

    First SS dump. Any feedback is welcome, We'll try to include more logs and pictures in the future. The first days were pretty hectic. Need to get back into the habit of taking screenshots.
  6. Wibby

    Los Depredadores 13

    @Cthulhu, the bashing seems to stem from the fact that suddenly everyone and their mother started rolling in and talking shit, most of the population from Pizza Stacks pouring over. The CK was really unfortunate, we had no idea she lived in the neighbourhood and had we known that, there's no way we would've provoked/attacked her. For all we knew she was just some rich woman with a sports car coming to provoke us from Pizza Stacks. It's a pretty hectic time right now, I'm trying to sort this all out IG. Thanks for the feedback anyway, I'll look into it more closely later and take it into consideration when thinking about the future of this faction. Sorry for the rambling response, just so many things happening at once.
  7. "First comes God, then Family, then the Gang." The Past First founded in the middle 1990's, Los Depredadores 13 was the result of various poor Sureno gang members rising up after the power vacuum left by the previously biggest hispanic street gang Los Malvados. The gang seemed to reach it's peak in the late 2000's due to the growing number of hispanics in the area and connections to Mexican cartels. This high didn't last long however. Because of the gang's high notoriety, it attained the primary focus of the LSPD and it's special units. After multiple deaths and imprisonments of key members, most of the surviving parts of the group merged in with various small time hispanic gangs. Lasting for nearly 20 years, the original LD13 is considered to be officially disbanded in the early 2010's. "We live for God. We live for Family. We die for the Gang." The Present The new beginning for LD13 came in the summer of 2018, after the fall of Aces Street Familia 13, when the Hispanic community began to unify once again. Lead by a few surviving, high ranking members of the previous LD13, the new iteration is built heavily on top of the foundations laid by the old one. While it is generally considered to be more tame than the original set, there are a few rumours that the new LD13 deals in a far more wide variety of crime. This includes kidnapping, home invasions, grand theft auto, extortion, prostitution, illegal gambling, racketeering and murder. Despite this, the main source of income for them still seems to come from drug smuggling and trafficking. Although the current organization has no direct ties to any specific drug cartels anymore, they do try to maintain some loose relations with one. Most members are considered to be aged between late teens to early twenties with a few leading members being older. Unlike most street gangs of Los Santos, LD13 doesn't base itself on a strict hierarchy system but rather operates on a seniority setting with two sets of groups, youngsters and seniors. While both groups are part of the same set, they seem to operate individually despite each other, and could almost be considered to be two different organizations entirely. Members of this criminal organization can be identified by their use of light blue bandanas/clothes as well as various gang related tattoos and gang signs. The most prominent gang sign they use is folding one's thumb over their palm, lifting the four remaining fingers up. This signifies "D", the letter being the fourth in the alphabet. The purpose of this faction is to boost illegal roleplay, and drug roleplay especially that seems to be almost non-existent at the moment. We hope to accomplish this by different types of drug roleplay, from muling and general smuggling to creating, boosting and watering down different types of drugs. Although we are a hispanic gang, characters of all races are welcome assuming you roleplay that correctly and live in the El Corona area. And while we try to uphold a good quality of roleplay, don't be afraid to approach us even if you are new to this style of gaming. We try to give everyone a chance even if you are not experienced and we'd be more than happy to help you get started. Also, while we obviously focus on illegal roleplay, we encourage legal characters (such as local business owners) to roleplay with us as well when possible. We try not to force people to roleplay with us that don't want to do it, and we don't aim to character kill characters that don't want to be character killed. Also, while tensions may get high with different illegal factions, we in no way seek to start a character kill war, due to the disadvantage illegal factions have in general compared to their legal counterparts. All that being said, if you choose to join our faction, you accept that a higher ranking member of the faction may character kill you if provided with enough reason to. Don't be afraid to roleplay with us because of this however, since we make a clear point of when your character is officially part of the faction and when this character kill clause kicks in.
  8. No just generally, was somewhat bothered with walls littered with meaningless notes that only the person who owns the property should see anyway. Should also help with metagaming that of course no one does on this server.
  9. Pretty much yeah @Jord
  10. Pretty simple concept yet it might be harder to implement IG. Turn all (or most) CCTV's into containers so that instead of dropping notes on the walls for everyone to see you could drop them inside the CCTV that only the key holders of the property are able to open. You would most likely need to increase the CCTV interaction range so you are able to drop notes in them if they are higher up (or behind fences etc). I also propose this assuming most CCTV's are locked props anyway and not added via map editor and that those that are added by mapper (or are part of the original map) are considered safe zones anyway where noteworthy events don't really happen. Easier way of implementing this would be to drop notes inside mailboxes though it might be hard to enforce this as a single property owner.
  11. Yeah was thinking more along the lines of picking up the shells fired from rifles and shotguns, tho not sure if scripting something like this would be worth it for the time it would take. Still, it's not the worst thing suggested here.
  12. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Shell Catcher. What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- Purchasable item that moves shells from firearms into inventory instead of dropping them on the ground. What are the advantages?- No more picking up shells. What are the disadvantages?- Harder to track gun related cases I imagine (not as much evidence). Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No. How would you go about implementing this idea?- If player is holding a certain item, shells from firing firearms will move into inventory instead of dropped on the ground.
  13. Name: 1939 Comment: A russkie is a russkie even if fried in butter.
  14. Maybe we're just sleep walking MAYBE WE'RE JUST SLEEP WALKING
  15. Or whatever causes this 1-2 second lag that pretty much everyone seems to have every time they go near these areas. Now I assume it has something to do with the amount of police vehicles (don't think exterior mapping could cause such a lag) in that area. This makes it unbearable to drive though that area, especially if you are driving a motorbike with a passenger, as they will usually fall off during the lag no matter how slow you are going.
  16. What do we do with a drunken sailor?
  17. As of 25/04/2018 we will also be providing high quality clothes with competitive prices. Available in both single item orders or collections. If you would like to inquire us about the ordering/pricing of these clothes, please use the information listed above.
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