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  1. Thank you for explaining, it is much more clear to me now! =)
  2. Alright, so.. Here's the deal. Lets say I have 1000 hours on 1 character and I want to switch for once. The GUI will show 0 hours, as it's a new character, but how would people know about his other 1000 hours? If they would know, it would be metagaming, yet, factions decide based on a hours on the GUI, over a well made RP where they can show they are professional. Why is that not metagaming? Get what I am saying?
  3. Hi there. How come that nearly everyone in a faction judges based on hours, not on skill sets. How come that's the case? IC Hours doesn't necessarily mean you are fully capable of handling situations that might occur. Knowing what your doing does. So, why do they judge based on that? I'm genuinely curious.
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