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  1. SiegeMTA

    San Andreas Mechanics Union

    Best of luck
  2. Accepted. Informations will be sent via e-mail.
  3. Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: LS Autoworks, Olympic Blvd Interior Images: Starting Bid: 15.000$ Minimum Increase: 1.000$ Buyout: 40,000$ Auction ends: 19.11.2018. Contact Information: Will be given to winner.
  4. SiegeMTA

    [Miscellaneous] - Custom Anims

    Fuck yeah my guy
  5. SiegeMTA

    Best skin ever

    That hairline looks like minecraft holy shit, going to touch myself tonight.
  6. SiegeMTA

    [Items] - Tents

    Best idea ever, but I suggest to make it as a normal item, which can be bought on every general shop, or a specific one.
  7. SiegeMTA

    The Forgotten Ones

    This is so dope, best of luck.
  8. SiegeMTA

    Car - 1973 Chevrolet Nova [ENDS: 20.9.2018]

    Name: Lul Bid: $17,500
  9. SiegeMTA

    Car - 1973 Chevrolet Nova [ENDS: 20.9.2018]

    Name: Hehexd Big: Starting
  10. SiegeMTA

    Looking for an professional mapper.

    I'll do it for 250 euros, then I'll pay tree, croozerdog, focus and wickjeffe 50 euros each to do it.
  11. SiegeMTA

    i need your help

    Sell a body part.
  12. SiegeMTA

    Properly RPing car crashes

    ((was texting irl))
  13. Name: PacPac Comment: Dope my brotha.

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