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    Vehicles IRL?

    I'm going to buy a chinese motorbike (Keeway RKF 125) brand new. Any of you guys got any experience with these? I'm getting my A1 license and I want some nice, comfortable bike, with good fuel consumption, the speed is ok to be average, and also need it to be reliable. Upon lots of research, I turned to this bike that's said to do 1,7l/100km (if you don't pump too much of the gas, but I'd be expecting about 2l/100km, which is great), looks almost like a KTM Duke 125, and should be pretty reliable considering it's brand new. Paying 2100 euros (which is not that much for a new bike, again) I'm just worried about the build quality, from reviews it seemed that people enjoyed it, but I need as much info as possible.
  2. If the manufacturer of a car is based in Japan, it is NOT JDM.
  3. Still no response wtf @Ixosis @QueenC some1
  4. Tonight, the auction will end. Grab your chances to own a perfect car for just 70 thousand!
  5. Name:Igor Bid:Starting @RealDeal fix up the end date
  6. Bid has been approved, currently leading!
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Mercedes Vehicle make: S63 AMG VIN: Revealed to winner Mileage: 1423 Description: A great daily driver for a rich man or woman, topping at 230 km/h, being a car that gets you from A-B in luxury and speed. It is in the Coupe form, not being a limousine. It has 4-Matic, which is Mercedes' AWD system, sending power to all four wheels, the ECU making lots of calculations each second for the way of splitting power. It has 612 horsepower by stock, being quite a fair amount of power for a luxury grand tourer. It really hurts me to get rid of this, but to be honest, I can't afford it, as maintaining it properly is quite expensive, and it's taking away money from my other plans. It has been brought in Los Santos by Mercedes Benz of San Andreas back in 2018, brand new. It had two owners. The one before me gave it to me at 1250 kilometers some time ago, and told me that he has kept it in his house's garage, that has a controlled temperature, and all of the maintenance work (It only had an oil and filter change, for the running in period, along with checks each three months, so three checks so far) has been done at MBoSA dealership, having the service book for the next owner. I put around 200 kilometers on it's clock, but mostly it's been a queen for me, being treated good. But sadly, it's time to let it go. Images https://imgur.com/a/Uz0eVJa Starting bid: 60.000 Minimum increase: 5.000 Buyout: 80.000 Auction end date: 02/8/2019 Contact details: Email me with any questions
  8. Someone please suck my fuckin dick, I can t even afford some pussy Yeet, nice Super Duke next to that tree
  9. Name:Bertone Bid:40 grand as starting?
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