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  1. Damn....My first experience with RP was in this server and it's so sad to see it go. But i'm happy for the stupid amount of funny, exciting, sad and many more experiences it gave me, along with some great friends <3. Thank you all for the dedication to the server, it was great while it lasted.
  2. Haaaappy BIrthdaaaaay



  3. Flight School Application Section I - Identification Full name: Andy Miller Date of birth: 03/12/1993 Cellphone number: 1580071205 Address: 1 East Mirror Drive, Mirror Park, Los Santos Section II - Qualification Please provide your medical certificate: **Attached medical certificate - Excelent medical condition** Please provide a copy of your criminal record: **Attached criminal record - no remarks/felonies** (If applicable) Provide a copy of your current licenses, types and ratings: Driver's license (Including bike, truck), ESP with PPL-H Section III - Demand What licenses are you applying for (PPL-A, PPL-H, CPL) : PPL-A, CPL Are you applying for additional ratings as well (IFR, CFI, ...): IFR, CFI after obtaining CPL. Aside the Basic types (helicopter) and SER types (plane), are you applying for additional types?: None. Section IV - Terms & Conditions. By signing below you agree to the following terms: You confirm that all information you wrote in above is completely true. You understand that we do not issue refunds and will require entire payment of your request before continuing. You understand that for every types other than Basic and SER , you will have to provide an aircraft. Signature: Date: 03/05/2020
  4. I'm back :)

    1. Nuk3Duk3


      Welcome back.

      -Khan (without a pc or laptop lol)

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